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The information on this page is presented for all Batcat's, in fact all servicemen and women. All the information shown here is UNOFFICIAL. Since we are NOT doctors, we offer no medical advice. Since we are NOT lawyers, we offer no legal advice. We are NOT accredited Veteran Service Officers with the information presented here intended for your review. To the best of our knowledge the data on this homepage is accurate. This information should give you support from the expierences of others. Hopefully the data presented will give you the needed starting point to find additional, official information and contacts. Batcat Veteran Information page added 05/11/09, Last Updated 04/06/18.

WEBMASTER CONTACT INFORMATION - My wife and I completed the sale of our Maine home and we are now settling into our California home to be nearer our grand children. With this move the only valid email for webmaster Larry Westin is - several areas on my Batcat pages may still show our previous Maine address, phone number and email. I'm in the process of correcting those areas to show our new contact information, which is Larry Westin, 21721 Verde St., Tehachapi, California 93561, phone (661) 823-4707.

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Webaster Larry Westin's e-mail address

As of November 5, 2017 I am aware of 53 veterans who have VA approved claims for exposure to herbicides/Agent Orange for their service at Korat RTAFB during the Vietnam era using information from this homepage. All but one of those veterans initially had their claim denied. It is very important for each veteran to keep copies of all paperwork submitted to the VA. In addition if (when) your claim is denied, don't submit a new claim, rather appeal the VA decision. Please review all the information on this page. If you need help I recommend youcontact an attorney who specializies in VA claims. Most important is to never give up!!

A Veteran Attorney help with your
Department of Veterans Affairs Claim

If you encounter difficulty with your VA claim, you may want to consider using the services of a veteran attorney. If you decide to retain an attorney to help with your VA claim, it is best to hire an attorney who specializes in representing veterans and their families. Those who author this homepage provide, to the best of our ability, accurate information, however we are not qualified to provide legal advice. What we can provide here are the names and contact information for qualified veteran attorneys. We list here those attorneys who specialize in handling cases for veterans.

Katrina Eagle
The Law Office of Katrina J. Eagle represents only veterans and their families. Review Ms. Eagle's Resume to learn about her practice. If after reviewing her resume you believe she may be able to help you, contact Attorney Katrina Eagle via her homepage. Ms. Eagle assists veterans by reviewing their denied claims and finding VA mistakes. If you believe the VA has made a mistake in denying your claim, you should contact Ms. Eagle's office for a free case evaluation, to see if she may be able to assist you with your claim. Additional details on her homepage. Added 12/29/12.

Katrina Eagle represents veterans all over the United States, including those who served in Thailand and now have health issues associated with herbicide exposure. Here is a recent (Dec. 23, 2013) successful case where Katrina Eagle represented a veteran who served at Korat RTAFB 1968-1969 who was exposed to herbicides while at Korat. File is in Adobe PDF format, about 1.9 meg in size. Added 01/08/14.

Don Beckles Veteran Affairs Attorney Donnel Beckles gave a wonderful presentation to a packed conference room at our Batcat 50th Anniversary Reunion in Oaklahoma City. He spoke with a full knowledge of the subject matter, a familiarity of how the VA system works, and most important was his determination to help our Veterans with their VA claims. Mr. Beckles speech went beyond the typical "Veterans Affairs Brochure" and detailed the many benefits available including spousal survivors benefits. His Q&A went over the time limit and he has offered the below listed 800 number for a free consultation. You may wish to visit the Disability Help Group homepage for additional information. For a FREE consultation, please call Donnel Beckles at 800-800-2009. Donnel Beckles can be reached directly by email at With over 30 years of combined experience in VA compensation claims, the advocates at Disability Help Group are determined to maximize the return for our clients. Whether you are a veteran, dependent or survivor, whether your stressors arose during peacetime or war, and whether or not you have official service records to corroborate what happened, we can help. Your government promised to compensate you for disabilities caused by your honorable service. You did your part; now it's VA's turn to hold up their end of the bargain. Added 01/09/18.

Korat RTAFB Before the USAF showing
extensive Jungle on the USAF side of Korat
demonstrates why herbicides/Agent Orange was
needed to clear Jungle on the USAF side of Korat

This image shows an aerial view of Korat before USAF expansion, showing Camp Friendship Army Base, view is looking north. Photo shows runway in place, but vacant land where the USAF base would be developed. Photo taken in 1964. Note that most of the USAF side of Korat RTAFB is covered by extensive jungle which had to be eliminated before the USAF could expand the base. Photo courtesy of MacAlan Thompson, color, about 18K, added 11/03/02.

As you can see from the image above there was very little existed on what would become the USAF side of Korat. First USAF personel to arrive were sent in to establish communications, precision approach radar, etc. The first USAF arrivals found a lot of work was needed for the base to operate high performance aircraft.

This view of Korat RTAFB taken from the control tower built by the Japanese in WWII. Note the heavy vegetation. My thanks to Felix Herring for this image, which was taken in late 1964. Image is Color, about 50K, added 09/22/16.

Here is a view taken in late 1964 from what would become the USAF side of Korat RTAFB, looking across the runway to the Royal Thai Air Force side of the base. Note the tall vegetation between what would become the USAF side of the base, and the Thai side of Korat RTAFB. This vegetation had to be removed and kept down. The Thai side of the base was equipped with North American T-6 aircraft, and Douglas C-47 aircraft. My thanks to Felix Herring for this image, which was taken in late 1964. Image is B&W, about 123K, added 07/16/16.

This is a view of a Hootch upon USAF arrival at Korat. In the foreground is the outside urnial for the hootch with a corregated sheet steel around the urinal to give limited privacy. The "road" shown with the tree line behind is what will be the perimeter road. Note that the windows of the hootch have a thacthed "shutter." My thanks to Felix Herring for this image, which was taken in late 1964. Image is B&W, about 380K, added 04/21/16.

Just down from the above hootch was the first food stand on the USAF side of Korat RTAFB. Tree line in back is the perimeter. My thanks to Felix Herring for this image, which was taken in late 1964. Image is B&W, about 132K, added 04/21/16.

The building on the left is the first USAF NCO Club at Korat. It required those visiting the NCO Club to cross the perimeter road to get to the club. The NCO club windows also use thacthed "shutter." My thanks to Felix Herring for this image, which was taken in early 1965. Image is B&W, about 347K, added 04/21/16.

One of the early improvements is shown here. This image shows upgrading hootches from a thacthed "shutter" on the left (1964), to corregated steel shutter on the right (1965). During the 1964 to 1971 time frame the hootches never had glass in the windows. There were screens. My thanks to Felix Herring for this image, who is the airman shown in each image. Photo was taken in early 1965. Left image is B&W, right image color, about 115K, added 04/21/16.

Get an idea of Korat's base layout by viewing this Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base Map USAF side of the base. This map shows the USAF side of Korat RTAFB from 1967 going forward. Map shows the vast increase of buildings at Korat which required the removal of the jungle using herbicides/Agent Orange. That extensive jungle didn't magically disappear, herbicides/Agent Orange were used to kill off that jungle to make way for the buildings. This map shows the extensive construction on the area which was once jungle. Map courtesy of Jim Bartholomew, B&W, about 183K, added 09/28/02.

Information on herbicides/Agent Orange
on the USAF side of Korat RTAFB

BARRELS OF AGENT ORANGE HERBICIDE WERE STOCKPILED AT KORAT RTAFB - the VA has voiced concerned to some veterans that many of the images I provide, including images of barrels, are B&W. This color image of Barrels of Agent Orange Herbicide Stockpiled at Korat RTAFB during 1968 confirms that Agent Orange was stored at Korat, about 488K. As this view shows the barrels were located right next to the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing operational ramp. Note the EC-121R aircraft on the ramp. Korat RTAFB was the only air base in SEA the EC-121R's were assigned to. My thanks to Richard Gonzalez for sending this image. Added 12/23/14. See image Part 3t below how these barrels of herbicide/Agent Orange were applied around the base at Korat RTAFB.

U.S. Army info on shipping Herbicides/Agent Orange - to Vietnam and Thailand. This is a letter to John Bury from the Department of the Army about herbicides including Agent Orange. In particular note the second to last paragraph which indicates herbicide shipments went via civilian merchant ships to Vietnam and Thailand. Adobe Acrobat PDF format, about 712K, added 11/01/15. My thanks to Harry Henderson for sending me a copy of this letter, and my thanks to John Bury for allowing me to publish this letter on my homepage. NOTE - multiple veterans, USAF and U.S. Navy, have communicated to me that not only were civilian merchant ships used, but also used were U.S. Navy ships (USNS ships) and also United States Ships (USS ships) were involved in moving the herbicides/Agent Orange to SEA. USS stands for "United States Ship" - they are commissioned ships manned by the U.S. Navy. USNS stands for "United States Naval Ship" - they are non-commissioned ships which may be manned entirely by civilians, while other USNS vessels have mixed crews of civilians and some U.S. Navy. Although the letter says no USS ships were used to transport herbicides/Agent Orange, multiple veterans have told me the USS White Plains, a US Navy commissioned ship manned by the U.S. Navy, did in fact transport AO. Will add more information when I can.

John Putnam created this Adobe PDF file on the differences in how Agent Orange barrels were marked. To date I have been unable to locate a MIL Std definition for barrel marking. Adobe Acrobat PDF format, about 1.7 meg, Added 04/26/15.

Herbicide, Agent Orange and Toxic Chemical use at
Korat RTAFB and other Thailand Bases 1967-1972

The Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledges that herbicides, including Agent Orange, were used at several Thailand bases, including Korat RTAFB, in the 1961 to 1975 time frame. Unlike those assigned to Vietnam, VA only gives presumption of exposure to those assigned as K-9 handlers or security policeman on Thai bases. HOWEVER veterans who can show on a factual basis that they were assigned to a work area, physical fittness, or their living area was near the perimeter are also eligible for benefits. AFFECTED AREA AT KORAT RTAFB, per U.S. Army manual 3-3, dated 1971, ground sprayed herbicides, including Agent Orange, may drift up to 500 meters from the spray equipment. While the VA does NOT give presumption of exposure to those assigned to AFSC's other than K-9 handlers or security policeman on Thai bases, many claims have been approved on an individual basis to those who worked and lived near the perimeter.

Here is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) statement about Thailand Military Bases and Agent Orange Exposure. This VA page includes USAF and Army veterans assigned to Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base. I recommend every veteran who believes he or she may have health issues related to herbicide/Agent Orange exposure while assigned to Korat RTAFB, or another Thai base, review the information on this VA page. VA officers tell me the decision NOT to allow presumption of herbicide exposure to Thai based veterans comes from Congress. Added 10/07/10, updated 04/21/14.

IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION - The section of the Department of Veteran Affairs manual known as M21-1_PrtIV_Subprt-ii Chapter 1 section H-5, and M21-1MR_PrtIV_Subprt-ii Chapter 2, section C, part 10, sub-section (q) which defines the requirements Vietnam era veterans Thailand based veterans must meet to establish a claim for herbicide exposure. THIS SECTION RECENTLY UPDATED on November 12, 2015. For those veterans who were not K-9 handlers, or security police, which now have presumption of exposure, veterans with other USAF AFSC's will need to pay particular attention to Chapter 1, section 5, steps 2 through 7. The veteran will also need to be prepared to provide evidence per Chapter 2, section C, part 10, sub section q, steps 2 through 8. Recommend you also print out my information packets Part 6A and Part 6B below to help demonstrate your activities at or near the perimeter. My thanks to Robert Gurley for letting me know about the August 7, 2015 VA manual update, and again for the October 30, 2015 VA manual update, and to Harry Henderson for letting me know that section H-5 was also updated. PDF format, about 53K in size. Added 08/23/15, last updated 11/24/15.

DEFINING "NEAR" THE PERIMETER - VA offices across the U.S. define "near" the perimeter differently. I submitted Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request under 5 U.S.C. § 552, VA FOIA request 17-02994-F, specifically asking what government document is used to define "near" the perimeter. The VA reply was "there is no specific definition of 'near,' as it is evaluated on a case-by-case basis." FOIA request made by webmaster Larry Westin. Added 01/15/17.

For additional information about herbicide usage from the VA site view the official VA blog on the 10 things every veteran should know about Agent Orange. Learn the basics of VA's Agent Orange benefits and care. My thanks to Frank Cleary for letting me know about this official VA information source. Added 03/23/15.

Information from the Air Force Historical Research Agency about vegetation control at Korat RTAFB. IMPORTANT the 388th TFW was the primary unit at Korat RTAFB. USAF directives to use herbicide/Agent Orange for vegetation control were issued to the 388th Combat Support Group. These pages from the 388th TFW official history detail USAF directives for vegetation control at Korat RTAFB. File is about .9 meg. VERY IMPORTANT while directives were issued to the USAF 388th Combat Support Group to use herbicides/Agent Orange for vegetation control, the USAF requested that the U.S. Army at Camp Friendship perform the actual spraying. The Army then sent the Armed Forces Pest Management Board records of herbicide/Agent Orange spraying at Korat RTAFB.

The Armed Forces Pest Management Board testified to the VA that they do NOT have records pertaining to herbicide/Agent Orange spraying at Korat RTAFB. See VA Citation 1028449, see paragraph on page 4 of 5, highlighted in yellow. This paragraph is testimonty to the VA that the Armed Forces Pest Management Board did not keep records for herbicide usage at Korat RTAFB. The Armed Forces Pest Management Board recommends contacting the USAF, however the USAF did NOT perform the herbicide spraying, the Army at Camp Friendship did the spraying. Because no records remain, all the information on this Batcat Veterans homepage as to where herbicide/Agent Orange was sprayed at Korat RTAFB, and what areas of the base are affected by the spraying use the standard U.S. Army drift zone value of 500 meters (1,640 feet) as published in Army manual FM 3-3. See Part 4 - U.S. Army Field Manual 3-3 Tactical Employment of Herbicides below. NOTE at Korat RTAFB USAF four piston engine, propeller aircraft created wind pushing the herbicide drift zone for more than the 500 meters. While this citation indicates herbicides were used in June 1972, official histories of the 388th TFW indicate herbicides/Agent Orange were used for vegetation control at least as early as September 1968. Added 04/21/14.

VA Citation 1325185 is a successful herbicide/Agent Orange claim from a Vietnam era veteran assigned to Korat RTAFB. The claim was initially denied, approved on appeal. There are some important points in this VA citation. First it confirms there was significant use of herbicides in Thailand and references the CHECO report on Base Defense in Thailand during the Vietnam era, copy below. See page 3, top paragraph. Second it references VA manual M21-1MR, Part IV, Subpart ii, Chapter 2, Section C part 10 sub section (q ) which requires that "If a veteran served on one of these air bases as a security policeman, security patrol dog handler, member of a security police squadron, or otherwise served near the air base perimeter, as shown by MOS (military occupational specialty), performance evaluations, or other credible evidence, then herbicide exposure should be acknowledged on a facts-found or direct basis." My thanks to Harry Henderson for letting me know about this VA citation. PDF format, about 12K. Added 07/20/15.

The Department of Veterans Affairs confirms that herbicides such as Agent Orange were used in Thailand. See VA Document Compensation & Pension Service Bulletin May 2010. See Newsletter 3, section titled "Herbicide related claims from Veterans with Thailand service." Senior VA management confirms that tactical herbicides such as Agent Orange were used in Thailand for vegetation control. This document confirms the use of herbicides/Agent Orange in Thailand documented by the CHECO Report on Base Defense in Thailand during the Vietnam era. Copy of the CHECO report below. PDF format, about 281K. The VA Document Compensation & Pension Service Bulletin December 2011 provide important information for Thailand veterans, see newsletter page 2. This gives information about claims which were denied, and the importance to reopen a claim, don't start a new claim. PDF format, about 129K. My thanks to Donal Long for providing copies of these VA documents. Added 07/28/17, updated 07/30/17.

CHECO Report on Base Defense in Thailand during the Vietnam era. Contemparary Historical Examination of Current Operations (CHECO) Report from the Air Force Historical Research Agency. This report details steps taken from 1961 to 1972 to protect USAF installations in Thailand. Includes details of terrorist attacks on USAF Thai bases during 1968 and 1969 and later. My thanks to Gil Jennings for providing this information. This document was one piece of the evidence used by the VA to approve the claim of Batcat John Wright. File is large, about 9.3 meg., Adobe PDF format. NOTE this is an updated copy of much better quality then the copy originally found here. Also some missing pages on the original are included with this copy. Added 07/21/10, updated 03/06/14.

Sample Successful VA Claim for Batcat Assigned to Korat RTAFB

Because those assigned to Thailand do NOT have presumption of herbicide exposure for VA health claims, each claim must show individual factual information to support their claim. This successful claim was made by Sandra McDow after her husband, Batcat MSgt. Marvin McDow, 553rd EMS, passed away November 9, 2011 from lung cancer. After initial denial of his claim, here is the documentation Sandra accumulated in her successful claim appeal (separated here into sections to keep file sizes smaller). Added 09/24/13, last updated 11/14/13:

RECOMMENDATIONS - 1 - Keep copies of each page submitted for a claim for your own records. 2 - Submit your claim in a logical order with each section tabbed. Remember the VA service officers have thousands of claims to review. Make it easier for the VA to review your claim.
Each claim requires your personal USAF documentaion including your DD214, Orders and Medical Health information. If you don't have this material you may obtain duplicates as follows:
Sandra McDow, a veteran herslef, put a lot of effort into the above claim package. She presented factual information in a clear concise format. Her initial claim was denied, what you see here is her successful appeal. Hopefully the information she put together will help others who were stationed at Korat RTAFB to submit successful claims. If you need help with your claim, Sandra may be able to assist you. Her email contact info is My thanks to Sandra McDow for providing the documentation she developed for a successful appeal. Added 09/24/13, last updated 11/14/13.

Batcat Glenn M. Sommers Sr. Passed Away August 9, 1991
Daughter Angela Sommers got herbicide/Agent Orange
VA Claim approval for her mother in 2016

Major Sommers served as a CICO in the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing. The biggest hurdle was that my father never in fact filed a disability claim with the VA. At the time of Major Sommers' death the VA didn't recognize herbicide/Agent Orange expsoure for Thailand based veterans during the Vietnam era. Upon his death Major Sommers' wife filed for a hardship widows pension in 1991, although not a Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) claim, but because of this paragraph in the Nehmer Court orders: In accordance with §3.152(b)(1), a claim by a surviving spouse or child for death pension will be considered a claim for DIC.

Years later through FOIA requests, the "CHECO Report on Base Defense in Thailand" (copy of the CHECO report above on this page) confirms that herbicides/Agent Orange was used to control vegetation on Thai bases used by the USAF during the Vietnam era, including Korat RTAFB. Angela Sommers began the appeal process in 2014.

These documents (with personal names blacked out) show the process to appeal a claim and obtain VA approval for a DIC claim for herbicide/Agent Orange exposure for those who served at Korat RTAFB, and were NOT a security policeman or K-9 handler:

Denial Letter dated 07/22/15. To the best of my knowledge every veteran who served at Korat RTAFB during the Vietnam era, or surviving widow making a DIC claim, initially had their claim for herbicide/Agent Orange exposure denied. Don't give up, appeal. If you are still denied contact a veteran service orgainization or a VA credited attorney, contact info for both on this page. PDF format, about 187K.
Buddy Statement. Some VA offices have demanded written orders showing the veteran was ordered to the perimeter. Webmaster Larry Westin spent four years in the USAF. Yes I received written orders to move from one base to another. Once on that base if I was ordered to some other part of the base, perimeter or other section of the base, it was verbal orders only, never a written order. Use buddy statements, the maps and images on this page to prove the veteran was at a point "near" the perimeter. PDF format, about 272K.
Answering the reason for denial. Be specific. Even if you "think" you have copies of ALL your orders, request ALL of your military and health records from the National Archives. See "instructions on how to obtain copies of ALL your military records via postal mail" on this page. PDF format, about 127K.
The VA claim Award two letters from the VA confirming approval of the claim. PDF format, about 308K.

§3.816—Awards under the Nehmer Court Orders for disability or death caused by a condition presumptively associated with herbicide exposure.
"(d) Effective date of dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC). If a Nehmer class membber is entitled to DIC for a death due to a covered herbicide disease, the effective date of the award will be as follows:
(1) If VA denied DIC for the death in a decision issued between September 25, 1985 and May 3, 1989, the effective date of the award will be the later of the date VA received the claim on which such prior denial was based or the date the death occurred, except as otherwise provided in paragraph (d)(3) of this section.
(2) If the class member’s claim for DIC for the death was either pending before VA on May 3, 1989, or was received by VA between that date and the effective date of the statute or regulation establishing a presumption of service connection for the covered herbicide disease that caused the death, the effective date of the award will be the later of the date such claim was received by VA or the date the death occurred, except as otherwise provided in paragraph (d)(3) of this section. In accordance with §3.152(b)(1), a claim by a surviving spouse or child for death pension will be considered a claim for DIC, in all other cases, a claim will be considered a claim for DIC if the claimant's application and other supporting statements and submissions may reasonably be viewed, under the standards ordinarily governing DIC claims, as indicating an intent to apply for DIC."

This court order may provide the legal path for widows and surviving children to obtain VA help. PDF format, about 17K.

My thank you to Angela Sommers, daughter of Batcat Glenn M. Sommers Sr., for both overcoming the frustration encountered dealing with the VA and allowing me to put ALL the above information on my homepage which hopefully help others. If you have question ask Angela Sommers via email at who may be able to help. Added 01/15/17, captions updated 01/17/17.

Korat RTAFB Specific Information for the
553rd Reconnaissance Wing and 388th TFW

Presented here is information about the use of Herbicides and Toxic Chemicals at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base in the 1967 to 1972 time period. This information is provided to help ALL veterans who served at Korat, and other Thailand bases, in this time period to better understand where toxic chemicals such as the "Rainbow" herbicides, including Agent Orange, as well as other toxic chemicals were used. Recommend you download all information and review the information provided. This data may help you with a Veterans Affairs claim.

Thomas VonAchen was told by a V.A. service office that those whose military specialty did NOT assign them to the perimeter may still be eligble - IF - they can show evidence there was reason for them to be near the perimeter. For example it may be that a ball field, or running track, that was near the perimeter. If anyone has photographs of Korat RTAFB which show the perimeter it could be a help. Especially so if those photographs show some type of living area, recreation area or other area where others could logically have been near the perimerer, even if there specialty did not normally assign them to the perimeter. If you have photos of Korat taken in the 1967 to 1972 time frame which shows the perimater, please send them to me. It may help. Added 02/24/10.

The major reason for presenting all this information is a disclaimer by the VA that those stationed in Thailand must show written orders that they worked at or near the perimeter. The documents and full map presented here show that virtually everyone stationed at Korat RTAFB fell within the zone affected by herbicides.

Bob Langenhan and myself (Larry Westin) urge you to read the above information carefully. We welcome your comments and criticisms. Please email us at and with your information. Data you provide may well help others. Thank You - Larry Westin and Bob Langenhan.

Maps of other Thai Bases used by
the USAF during the Vietnam Era

Originally I had one map at this point. As more maps became available I created another page specifically of maps of other Thai bases used by the USAF during the Vietnam era. Click here to view the maps of other Thai bases used by the USAF - at this time I have on that page maps of Korat RTAFB (duplicates of the maps on found on this page), Nakhon Phanom RTAFB (NKP), Ubon RTAFB and Udorn RTAFB and U-Tapao RTAFB. Still searching for maps of Takhli RTAFB. Thanks to the Air Force Historical Research Agency and others who provided the base maps. First created 12/27/14, moved to its own page on 08/04/16 Last Updated 01/03/18.

Webmaster Request - if you have a map of an USAF Thailand base you are willing to share, please pass it along to me. I will add the map to this area of my Batcat Veterans Benefit page for the assistance of others. You can contact me via email at You can include your map as an attachment with the eamil. Thank you for your assistance, it can be a big help to others.

Presumption of Exposure,
Boots on the Ground Vietnam

For those who served in country Vietnam you automatically receive presumption of exposure. A claim can be submitted based on "Boots on the Ground" in Vietnam. Several methods can be used to prove you had "Boots on the Ground" in Vietnam.

Some members of the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing were permitted out of country R&R during their assignment to Korat. Those who took this leave were given orders. Here is an example of the webmaster's (Larry Westin) personal R&R orders which defines the travel is from Korat to BKK (Bangkok), then TSN (Tan So Nhut) and report to Camp Alpha, TSN AB, Republic of Vietnam (RVN). In my case I stayed at least one night in each direction, however I believe I stayed two nights each way due to flight scheduling. Only point here is I blanked out my social security number. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader file, about 235K in size. Added 03/19/11.

Learned that the Veterans Affairs will accept as proof for "boots on the ground" in Vietnam, a personal diary written at the time. My thanks to Van Doubleday for this information. Added 02/24/10.

Click here for an example of a written at the time personal diary "proving" boots on the ground in Vietnam. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader file, about 161K in size. Note Roger Brown has the aircraft sn, 67-21477 shown. My thanks to Roger Brown for providing his diary and to Robert Langenhan for sending it to me. Added 03/19/11.

Many veterans going to/from Thailand landed at Saigon en route. When Military Airlift Command charter flights landed and refueled, MAC regulations required all passengers to deplane. You will need some proof that the flight you traveled on did in fact stop in Vietnam. That proof could be a travel vochuer for example. The Air Force Historical Research Agency did NOT keep records of each Military Airlift Command charter flight. So if you did not keep that travel vochure, it is unlikely to find it now.

Agent Orange Other Information

Batcat Mason Ezzell sent me this link which Shows the Agent Orange Timeline. The time line provides details of events, such as initial development which began with U.S. Army interest beginning in 1943, testing, etc., with Agent Orange. Added 01/12/15.

A lot of publicity has surrounded the use of the Agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam. In most cases the VA requires proof of "Boots on the Ground" in Vietnam, or for veterans who served in Thailand proof they were near the perimeter, to approve a claim for benefits with respect to Agent Orange and its possible cause of cancer. Flying over areas where Agent Orange was used generally does not qualify for cancer benefits. Go here to obtain information for veterans, their families and others about VA health, and care programs related to Agent Orange page.

The Vietnam Veterans of America have produced a handbook on Agent Orange and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This is a very large file, about 12.3 meg, in PDF format. VVA Handbook on Agent Orange. There is a lot of information in this handbook about Agent Orange and the VA. Added 06/16/11.

Click here for an article about how Agent Orange continues to affects those in Southeast Asia in 2011. This is an article written by Connie Schultz. My thanks to Bob Langenhan for providing this link. Added 02/05/11.

Some with the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing were reassigned to other Thai bases when Batcat inactivated. Those reassigned to bases who serviced the C-123 aircraft previously used to spray Agent Orange were exposed to Agent Orange Residue. The Department of Veterans Affairs now considers those who may have been exposed to Agent Orange Residue. See the VA page on Agent Orange Residue. While this page speaks specifically about air crews who flew these airplanes later, my opinion is those who serviced these airplanes were equally exposed to Agent Orange Residue. My thanks to Bob Langenhan for providing this link. Added 11/27/14.

Veteran, Dependent & Survivor Benefit Information

To obtain information about the various veteran programs availabe, click here to go to the main Department of Veterans Affairs. Click here to locate a VA Office near you. Added 05/11/09.

Click here to view the latest Veterans Affairs Press Releases. My thanks to Bill Leamer for sending this link. Added 12/01/10.

The Social Security Administration has information on how veterans, not just those who retired, but all veterans may get additional Social Security benefits for your service. Check the Social Security Administration Special Extra Earnings for Military Service for more information. This is especially important for those whose active duty occurred prior to 1968. My thanks to Larry Moore and to Cliff Jensen for bringing this to my attetnion. Added 12/07/10.

Go here for information about various available veteran benefits. Veteran Affairs Benefit offices are co-located with Veteran Affairs offices. Click here to go to the Veterans Affairs Benefits page. My thanks to Stephanie Miller for providing the updated link. Added 05/11/09, updated 06/19/19.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a page detailing Military Exposure and Reports on Veterans' Health Care Use. This area is updated regularly. My thanks to Gil Jennings for this link. Added 03/26/13.

The Veterans Affairs provides a list of Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors - 2010 Edition. This benefit book is in PDF format and 2.9 Meg in size. For those with only a limited Internet connection (dial up) you may prefer to view the same 2010 Benefits on the VA homepage. My thanks to Bob Langenhan for this link. Added 09/17/09, updated 05/29/10.

Other Areas Around the World where
herbicides including Agent Orange were used

The Department of Defense provided this list of the areas OUTSIDE Vietnam where Agrent Orange, and other of the "Rainbow" herbicides were used. This list includes areas within the United States and Canada, as well as other countries, including Thailand, where any of the Rainbow herbicides were used. NOTE this list shows only some of the areas where herbicides were used between 1944 and 1977. Unfortunately this file is not dated. I downloaded this version of the list on 06/04/15 from the VA site. File now indicates it comes from both the Department of Defenses and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Original version of this file came only from the Department of Defense and it too was undated, This is a PDF file, about 102K. Added 05/11/09, updated 06/10/15.

Toxic Chemical use at Eglin AFB, Florida, 1962-1970

Although not as well know, the USAF did use Agent Orange and other herbicides at Eglin AFB, Florida during the 1962-1970 time frame. Batcat sent crews to Eglin AFB not only during the development deployments, but many other times to refine the operation. Click here for Agent Orange use at Eglin AFB, Florida, 1962-1970. My thanks to David Fredrickson for sending me this information. added 09/24/11.

U.S. Navy Veteran Issues with
Herbicides used in Southeast Asia

Sometimes it is difficult for for those of us who served at Korat to understand VA guidelines. Those who served in the U.S. Navy have similar issues. Reviewing the Navy issues and progress may help those of us who served at Korat. The Veterans Association of Sailors of the Vietnam War homepage has additional information which may help you. Added 12/12/11.

Legislative Activities affecting Veterans and
Find Your Congresstional Representatives

WEBMASTER NOTE your representatives can help you with your issues. However your elected representatives won't know your concerns unless you write to them. When you write be courteous, keep the letter short, write about 1 subject only per letter. Your representatives don't have time to read long letters. Choose your words wisely so they reflect dignity and respect to everyone, including those with very different opinions than your own. Added 02/16/12.

Legislative ALERT - Please Read

U.S. Senate bill S.2105 - 115th Congress, has been introduced. This bill will give a presumption of service connection for veterans who were exposed to herbicide agents while serving in the Armed Forces in Thailand during the Vietnam era. Check here for the current status of S.2105. A companion bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives, H.R.4843. Check here for the current status of H.R.4843.

MOST IMPORTANT - for these bills to pass you really need to write to your U.S. Senator and Congressman and ask them to support and hopefully co-sponsor this legislation.

My thanks to veteran attorney Rick Wieters for this information. PDF format, about 265K. Added 01/21/18, last updated 02/12/18.

Find Your United States Congressman

If you don't know who your Congressman is, the House of Representatives site, Find your Representative will tell you, and provides links to your Congressman's homepage which will have contact information. You need to provide your full 9 digit Zip Code. Added 02/16/12.

Find Your United States Senator

If you don't know how who your U.S. Senators are the U.S. Senate, check the Senate homepage, which will provide their names and contact information. Click on the "Senators" button, the next page comes up, use the drop down menu to select your state. Added 02/16/12.

The site has very up to date information on current legislation which affects all veterans. My thanks to Robert Gurley for bringing this site to my attention. Added 02/16/12.

To obtain copies of your DD-214
and other Military Records

For those who have misplaced their military service records, click here for instructions on how to obtain copies of ALL your military records via postal mail. This PDF file includes Standard Form 180 to make the request for your records. Download this file and you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the blanks in the form. PDF file also has the current, new address to send your request. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file, about 1.1meg in size. This revisied version of Standard Form 180 is good through 04/30/2018. This PDF can be completed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. My thanks to Roger Brown for obtaining the information, and to Robert Langenhan for sending it to me. Added 03/19/11, last updated 05/18/16.

Probably the most important military record every veteran must have is their DD-214. If you've misplaced your DD-214, or other of your military records, check here for information on how to obtain copies of your Military Service Records On Line. My thanks to Gil Jennings for providing this link. WEBMASTER NOTE - using this link I requested a copy of my DD 214 on 12/21/09. I FAX'ed in the required signature form the same day (you can send via postal mail if you don't have access to FAX), received an automated email response on 12/22/09 that my signature was received OK. On January 4, 2010 I received a certified copy of my DD 214. It took 15 days to receive, however this was over the Christmas/New Year holidays. My experience is they are providing very good service. Added 05/11/09, updated 02/01/11.

To obtain copies of your Medical Records

Once you register with the VA, you can obtain copies of your medical records. Click here to Log into the VA to obtain Your Medical Records at MyHealthVet. If you don't yet have a login, there is a place to register to create a login. My thanks to David Fredrickson for this link. Added 10/09/11.

Decoding the DD-214 "Spin Code"

When an individual spearates from the U.S. Military he or she is given a DD-214. On the DD-214 in the "Transfer or Discharge Data" area is a box labeled "Reason and Authority." In this area is a number often referred to as a "Spin Number." Beginning July 1, 1956 a code, originally called "code designators," was added to the Reason and Authority box. By the middle 1960's the Department of Defense was emphasizing the need to use these codes, primarily because it was easier for the data processing systems of the day. At some point this number became a "Separation Program Number" (SPN's), and later "Separation Program Designator" (SPD's). These codes on the DD-214 were often called a "Spin Code".

In some cases DD-214's have a spin code which may cause problems, and the veteran has no idea. Here is some information specifically about the DD-214 spin codes.
Problem is you may have been denied benefits, or employment, because of a spin code. A big problem is by law you have 5 years to correct bad data on your record. At this time I don't have information on how to obtain a "sanitized copy" of your DD-214. My thanks to Gil Jennings for providing this information. updated 01/16/12.

Your Military Decorations - Obtaining
replacements or making corrections
to your personal records

Awards and Decoration information has been moved to its own page, 553rd Recon Wing Unit Decorations Awarded to assigned veterans, plus information on individual decoration awards, along with information on how to obtain replacement medals, and correct missing information. This information originally added here on 02/23/12, moved to its own page 08/17/17.

Appealing a Veterans Benefits Claim Rejection

Click here to see the procedure to learn the proceedure on how to appeal a Veterans Affairs claim rejection. Information explains how to appeal. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file, about 586K in size. Once the appeal is received by the VA, the individual receives a letter indicating the VA handles appeals in the order they were received. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file, about 140K in size. Once the VA decides on the appeal, the claimant receives a letter of the appeal findings. In this case the appeal was successful. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file, about 425K in size. Finally an official letter to the claimant explaining the decision. In this case a successful decision for the claimant results in some disability payment. This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file, about 123K in size. NOTE this isn't a rapid process. In Roger Brown's case it began in May 2005, and took until July 2008 for the appeal process to complete. Hang in there!! My thanks to Roger Brown for allowing us to see the process of appealing a VA claim, and to Robert Langenhan for sending it to me. Added 03/19/11.

Illnesses which the VA Attributes
to Veteran Military Service

Jim Satterwhite sent me an Agent Orange update. The Secretary of Veterans Affairs decided to establish a service-connection for Vietnam era veterans with 3 additional specific illnesses based on the latest evidence of an association with the herbicides referred to as Agent Orange. There are now 15 illnesses being caused by exposure to herbicides during the Vietnam War are:
1 - Acute and Subacute Transient Peripheral Neuropathy
2 - AL Amyloidosis
3 - Chloracne
4 - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
5 - Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)
6 - Hodgkin's Disease
7 - Multiple Myeloma
8 - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
9 - Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
10 - Prostate Cancer
11 - Respiratory Cancers
12 - Soft Tissue Sarcoma (other than Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, or Mesothelioma)
13 - B cell leukemias, such as hairy cell leukemia
14 - Parkinson's disease
15 - ischemic heart disease

16 - Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

Neither psoriasis nor psoriatic arthritis are presumed diseases for possible exposure to an herbicide agent pursuant to 38 C.F.R. § 3.309(e). The VA will, when substantiated by medical evidence, consider psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis service connected. Check VA Citation 0335098 for details for making a VA appeal claim and showing it is service connected. My thanks to John Lewis, who served at Camp Friendship Jan 1969 to Oct 1970, who has a VA claim because he was required to take the quinine anti-malarial preventative tablets on a regular basis. He has come down with psoriatic arthritis. We wish you the best of Luck John. PDF format, about 167K. Added 01/29/18.

RECOMMENDATION - EVERY veteran should request a medical and Agent Orange screening by their local VA office for cancer. This is especially important for veterans who have cancer which is being treated and covered by their company or their own health insurance plan. If the VA is unaware of veterans who have cancer treated non VA doctors, it will corrupt the statistical data the VA uses to calculate cancer benefits for all veterans. added 05/11/09, updated 10/18/09.

VA Questionaires for herbicide claims

When you file a claim for VA benefits you are asked to complete a questionaire specific to the claim you are filing. Because of the limited time frame to complete the questionaire when at the VA, it is recommended you complete the questionaires before going to the VA. The questionaires can be completed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and printed or saved. Good chance you won't remember specific dates and other information if you go to the VA without first reviewing your information. It takes long enough as it is to get a claim approved, go to the VA prepared. My thanks to Melissa Headen for sending this information. Added 04/22/12.

Agent Orange Illnesses for those exposed to herbicides including Agent Orange. My thanks to Don Benedict for sending me this information from the VA homepage. Added 01/22/12.

Veterans Cancer Information

Click on the for Veterans to obtain more information about cancers which may be applicable especially to veterans including Agent Orange. My thanks to John Flood for sending me this information from the homepage concerning veterans. Added 12/12/14.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is a lung disease caused by exposure to certain types of lubricating oil used in military, and civilian aircraft. For more information please view the lungDisease.pdf document. Included in the document are names, addresses, phone and email contact information. Please take a look and help if you can. My thanks to Chuck Dannheiser for providing this information. About 18K, updated 01/01/12.

Disability Claim Help

Check the Disability Advisor Veteran Help page for help with disabilities. The Disability Advisor also has a Veterans Disability Guide Book which may help if the VA has denied your claim. My thanks to Joe Ram for this information. Added 02/12/18.

Veterans Assistance with Credit, Credit Repair & Financial Help

Click here for information and help about Credit & Credit Repair for Veterans. My thanks to Matthew Woodley for this information. Added 06/07/17.

Check The Morgage Report to view the The Ultimate Guide to VA Loans and Benefits. We work with the veteran and military communities often, and we like to support them as best we can. Our $5,000 award to an eligible veteran or active duty service-member attempts to do just that, helping to cover the costs of a new home loan, refinancing a current loan, or a home renovation project. My thanks to Jackson Lindeke for this information. Added 07/19/17.

Click here for information on Financial Assistance for Veterans, includes help with Debt Relief, Housing, Employment and Education. My thanks to Jessica Milly for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 11/08/17.

Veterans Assistance with Addictions Alcohol & Prescription Drugs
Often caused by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Click here for information from the Addictions Center for help with addiction to treatment options, and further information about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction. My thanks to Carly Johnson for this information. Added 06/07/17. Here is additional information about Treating Alcoholism. My thanks to Carly Johnson for this updated information. Added 09/17/17.

The Recovery Village, an organization with locations across the country, if dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery. We believe that quality content is key in providing individuals and their loved ones with additional information. My thanks to Amy Elmayan for this information. Added 07/28/17.

Check here for help with Alcohol Addiction, an organization connecting people seeking treatment to the resources they need. My thanks to Julia Watts for this information. Added 11/28/17.

Check here for A College Student’s Guide to Avoiding Drug and Alcohol Abuse. My thanks to Caitlin Stewart for this information. Added 02/01/18.

Help Recognizing, Understanding and Combatting Alcohol & Drug Abuse on Campus. My thanks to Kris Leonard for this information. Added 03/26/18.

Information about Veterans and Substance Abuse. My thanks to Pete Walters for this information. Added 03/26/18.

Veterans Assistance with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Check here for help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD for a a Guide to PTSD and Sleep. Nearly twenty-five million Americans are currently suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Women are twice as likely as men to develop the disorder, but children can also be affected. Find more information here about PTSD causes, symptoms, diagnosis, & PTSD sleep disorders. My thanks to Jenny Thompson for this information. Added 01/17/18.

Veterans Assistance with Mesothelioma & Asbestos
Exposure health issues while in Military Service

Mesothelioma Resource Online has created and developed this site to provide answers and support for people diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, as well as their families and loved ones. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. There is a special section on the site for veterans. The site has more than 4,000 pages of content, featureing information on asbestos exposure, mesothelioma and other cancers and associated diseases (testicular, breast, COPD, etc.). My thanks to Patia Modia for bringing the Mesothelioma Resource Online site to my attention. Added 10/05/13.

The Mesothelioma Center at is committed to providing the latest, up-to-date information to their visitors in the hopes of spreading awareness about the dangers of asbestos cancer. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of living veterans were exposed to toxic asbestos-containing materials during military service which could develop into mesothelioma. Our goal is to offer a one-stop resource on all asbestos and mesothelioma-related information ranging from occupational exposure to mesothelioma life expectancy. For assistance contact Allison Kahan allison(@) the Veteran Liason for the Mesothelioma Center. Allison Kahan can be contacted by phone at (407) 965-5755. Added 10/01/10.

If you believe you have an illness because you were exposed to asbestos you may need the help of an attorney. You may need legal assistance, the Mesothelioma Lawyer may be able to help you locate a lawyer in your area to help with your Mesothelioma Lawsuit. Free brochures available for more information. My thanks to Jillian Davis for providing this information. My thanks to Katherine Keys for providing updated information. Added 01/12/15, last updated 09/23/16.

The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network is another source of help with Mesothelioma. The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network has available the free Mesothelioma Guide Giving You the Information You Need to Fight This Disease. My thanks to Chad Maycumber for providing this information. Added 07/30/15.

The Mesothelioma Group which is a charitable organization supporting the VFW and American Legion. With over 30% of all mesothelioma patients being Veterans, a main part of our mission is to spread mesothelioma awareness to Veterans and their family members. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the extensive amount of asbestos used in past military equipment. Our goal at the Mesothelioma Group is to increase awareness, improving survival rates and life expectancy. My thanks to Nick Berez, Awareness Advocate The Mesothelioma Group for providing this information source. Added 09/19/15.

Community Outreach team at Mesothelioma Guide. One third of all mesothelioma patients are veterans, and approximately 6,000 veterans afflicted with this asbestos-caused cancer died between 1999 and 2005 alone. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. Part of our mission is to spread awareness to veterans and their families. Check the site for more information which may be able to help you or a family member. My thanks to Joseph Cline, Advocacy Support for for this information. Added 09/09/16.

For those suffering from asbestos exposure check as they may be able to provide a patient advocate to help you. My thanks to Virgil Anderson, who received help from a patient advocate at with his mesothelioma issue. Added 09/18/16.

For those suffering from mesothelioma check who may be able to provide a patient advocate to help you. My thanks to Virgil Anderson, who received help from a patient advocate at with his mesothelioma issue. Added 01/27/18.

Our site offers free services for veterans and their families dealing with the cost and treatment for mesothelioma cancer. Unfortunately asbestos exposure was unavoidable for millions of veterans. My thanks to Chelsea Montanaro for sending me this information. Added 09/28/16.

The Mesothelioma Guide for Veterans has an actual Veteran and nurse in-house ready to answer questions from anyone all over the world. We specialize in connecting patients with doctors and treatment options that are best suited for them. Our services and resources are 100% free to patients and family members. My thanks to Jeron McFarland for sending me this information. Added 03/24/17.

Click here for Mesothelioma Help for Veterans from My thanks to Rosemary Pagliaro for sending me this information. Added 05/11/17.

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse Help

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+ have experienced some form of elder abuse. It is estimated that upwards of 10 million seniors are abused each year. For those who have experienced, or are family of an older individual who you believe may have experienced abuse there is help available. Check the Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC) which is is to be an online resource educating the public on the risks of senior abuse in an attempt to save lives and rebuild shattered trust. My thanks to Ashley Peters, Director of Advocacy at the Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC) for this information. Added 09/22/16.

The National Council has information about abuse of senior's. Click here for the National Council for Aging Care's guide on Elder Abuse. Recognizing Elder Abuse and Knowing your rights. My thanks to Carolina Gerard for sending me this information. Added 09/08/17.

Medical Malpractice Help

Should you suspect medical help you received actually created other previously non-exisitent medical conditions, you may want to investigate further to deterine if your condition worsened due to Medical Malpractice. The Malpractice Center may be able to help. My thanks to Lindsey Murray, Community Outreach at the Medical Malpractice Center, for this information. Added 02/25/17.

Social Security Benefits and Other Help

The Simple Dollar began as a site for people who are fighting debt and bad spending habits, while trying to build a financially secure future. Our goal is to provide a personal finance platform where we can help people make better financial decisions and to build a financially secure future. The Simple Dollar has two publications which may be of help to everyone. First the Social Security Disability Benefits Guide. To help you with a Social Security disability claim. Second is the Social Security Disability Benefit Calculator. In addition to disability other Social Security benefits can be calculated. My thanks to Claire Castillo for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 02/12/16.

Here is a list of The Best States for People with Disabilities. My thanks to Claire Castillo for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 04/21/16.

Here is a guide of Single Mother Grants that helps financially disadvantaged families with finding assistance programs. Our directory lists assistance programs that help with utility, energy, mortgage, rent, medication, education and medical bills. My thanks to Christine Diaz for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 10/22/17.

Check her for a guide of Social Security Disabilities Benefits. My thanks to Jessica Milly for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 10/22/17.

Here is help from Sjogren's Syndrome - Symptoms, Causes, Risks, Complications, Diagnosis and Treatment. My thanks to Jemie Potter for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 10/22/17.

Help for Raising Children on a Single or Fixed Income. My thanks to Brianna Ibrahim for bringing this resource to my attention. Added 03/30/18.

College and Other Educational Opportunities for Veterans

You can find the college guide for U.S. service members here at College Guide for US Service Members. This site helps prospective college students research their options and prepare for higher education. My thanks to Steven Cooper for providing this information. Added 04/21/14.

Another on line site designed specifically to help those interested in, or who are members of the military. The site is designed to follow from enlistment to enrollment. Whether a student has questions about joining ROTC for the for the scholarship opportunities, or wants to take full advantage of the military's academic benefits and scholarships, even before they leave active duty, we've designed our resources to answer all lingering questions. To learn more click on My thanks to Jane Reed for providing this information. Added 09/22/14.

Check here from Learn How To Become for Veterans. This step-by-step guide to help Veterans transition from military to college life and provide numerous resources to assist in that transition. A one-stop, comprehensive resource that can guide individuals through each of the steps they need to take to begin, further, or change their career path. Their mission is to help students (or other aspiring professionals) understand what it takes to land their perfect career, from picking the right school all the way to climbing the company ladder. More Learn How To Become information - Scholarships & Financial Aid for Veterans, and Veterans' Guide to Getting Hired. My thanks to Roy Berman for providing this information. Added 07/25/17. provides several different areas of help for veterans, who are serving or have served in the military with many educational benefits. There are many other scholarships and financial aid resource that are provided by non-profits. To bring awareness to these resources recently published their 2016 College Financial Aid: Soldiers, Veterans and Families guide. In it, you find many helpful scholarships that can help provide additional financial support for those who are and have served our country.
My thanks to Sherry Matamorosa for providing this financial aid information. Added 05/01/16.

Here are some additional sources of educational help from
My thanks to Roy Berman for providing this information. Added 07/25/17.

For those who need financial aid check Best Scholarship Search Platforms which lists different scholarship aid resources.

My thanks to Sherry Matamorosa for providing this scholarship aid information. Added 03/13/17.

Check here for veterans interested in learning to code/computer programming. Veterans who leave the military and enter the civilian workforce can do so with valuable skills in coding. My thanks to Stephanie Miller for providing this information. Added 06/19/17.

Check here for Affordable Colleges Online who provides community resources and tools related to higher education with an eye on affordability and accreditation. My thanks to Roy Rojas for providing this information. Added 10/25/17.

The Center for College Bound Veterans is focused on increasing the number of returning Veterans that complete higher education degree programs. My thanks to Tyler Phillips for providing this information. Added 12/05/17.

National Veterans Organizations which
may also be able to help veterans
American Legion
Disabled American Veterans
Veterans of Foreign Wars

Originally I had only the Internet Homepage URL information for these groups. Over a short period, about a week, several individuals recommended to me that I add to the Internet URL already here, the postal and telephone contact information for these organizations. Now the Internet URL, and othe postal and telephone contact information is included for the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foregin Wars. Postal and telephone information added 12/12/14.

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, war-time veterans organization, devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is a not-for-profit community-service organization which now numbers nearly 3 million members, men and women, in nearly 15,000 American Legion posts worldwide. Click here to go to the American Legion Homepage for more information. Added 12/04/10, updated 12/12/14.

American Legion Postal-Phone Contact Info
The American Legion Washington Office
1608 K St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
Telephone: (202) 861-2700
Fax: (202) 861-2786
The American Legion
John H. Geiger Operations Center
5745 Lee Road
Indianapolis, IN 46216
Telephone: (317) 860-3100
Fax: (317) 860-3001

The Disabled American Veterans are in a position to help veterans. Click here to go to the Disabled American Veterans Homepage for more information. Added 12/12/14.
Disabled American Veterans Postal-Phone Contact Info
Disabled American Veterans National HQ
3725 Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076
(877) I AM A VET (426-2838)

Mailing Address
PO Box 14301
Cincinnati, OH 45250-0301
Disabled American Veterans
Legislative HQ
807 Maine Avenue SW
Washington DC 20024
(202) 554-3501

The nation's largest organization of combat veterans is the VFW. Click here to go to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Homepage for more information. Added 12/04/10, updated 12/12/14.
Veterans of Foreign Wars Postal-Phone Contact Info
VFW Washington D.C. Office
200 Maryland Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
VFW National Headquarters
406 West 34th St.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Many have told me that the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have provided considerable help to veterans. Each of these organizations have facilities throughout the United States.

Veteran Health Recall Information
Defective Drugs

Check Veteran Health Recall Information for information about Dangerous Drugs and Products, Recall Alerts, Side Effects and more. My thanks to Laura Pearson Chief Editor of Recallreports for this link. Added 03/13/17.

Check the Drug Dangers site which was developed to educate the public and lend a hand to people who have been affected by defective drugs and medical devices. My thanks to Chelsea Roberts Chief Editor of Recallreports for this link. Added 02/22/18.

Useful VA Benefit and Other Links of Interest - Veterans

From Camo to Business Casual A Veteran’s Guide to Job Hunting in the Civilian World. Helpful information on creating a resume, cover letter, etc. to find a job. My thanks to Gin Garton of for providing this link. Added 12/15/16.

Small Business Loans for Veterans How to Bootstrap After Your Military Service. Helpful information on Getting Started, Pre-Application Checklist, etc. to start a business. My thanks to Gin Garton of for providing this link. Added 12/15/16.

Military Life Insurance Coverage for Active Duty Servicemembers, Veterans & Their Families. Helpful information about Life Insurance for Active Duty Military,Life Insurance Coverage Through the VA, etc. My thanks to Gin Garton of for providing this link. Added 12/15/16.

Help for consumers - Safety Information To Keep Your Family Safe. Helpful safety information for consumers. My thanks to Ashley Brooks of for providing this link. Added 12/15/16.

These links were provided by Gil Raymer, links added 07/12/09, last updated 07/25/17.

Center for Minority Veterans

Center for Women Veterans

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations

Disability Examination Worksheets Index, Comp

VHA Forms, Publications & Records Management

Office of Geriatrics & Extended Care

Homeless Veterans

VA Records Center and Vault

VA Forms

Veterans Benefits for Seniors. My thanks to Susan Williams of Military Helper for this link. This link added 09/26/16.

Links for Active Duty - Benefits, Tips, Financial, etc.

The next four links provided by Susan Williams from Military Helper, these links added 09/26/16, last updated 09/26/16.

Tips for Your Next PCS Move

Service Members' Legal Rights While on Active Duty

Guide to Financial Assistance for Military Families

Employment Resources for Military Spouses

Here is a source for Veterans who are considering starting their own business. My thanks to Denise Chapman and the children at The Brenham Community Center in Texas for this link, added 04/15/17.

Check here for a Veterans Discount Guide for 2018 detailing 100+ Gov't + Private Sector Discounts and Benefits for Veterans & Military Families. My thanks to Victoria David for this link, added 03/07/18.

Check here for a 50+ Health Care Benefits, Career Resources, and Discounts for Women Veterans. My thanks to Victoria David for this link, added 03/21/18.

Check here for a 130+ Small Business & Entrepreneurship Resources and Opportunities for Military Veterans. My thanks to Victoria David for this link, added 04/06/18.

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