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Individual Contact Information

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Individuals Last name begins with the letter "A"

Timothy Adams - Added 04/01/18.
Member of the 553rd from Oct of 69 through Sept 70, crew 6 as an RMT/ET and flew 69 missions
Following Korat, I went on for a full career of 20 years retiring in 1986. During this time
I flew with Looking Glass on EC-135C Command Post aircraft, progressing to the E-4A and B
Then selected to serve as the Chief of On-Site operations at Boeing and E-Systems during the
production retrofit effort of the E-4A to B. I retired as an E-8. Upon retirement I worked
as; a Ground and Flight Test Director, Senior Principal Systems Engineer and Chief Engineer
for E-Systems/Raytheon/L-3 Technologies (many name changes). In this capacity I developed and
fielded several Head of State Aircraft and Maritime Patrol Aircraft. I am now retired and excelling
at it. My wife and I reside in Clarksville, TN.

Paul Albrecht - Added 03/20/01, updated 04/26/11.
Paul Albrecht did two tours at Korat.
Assigned to Batcat 553 OMS. Jan69-Mar70
and Mar71-Jan72. Aircraft Maintenance
Phase Docks. Now living in Shelby Twp.,Mich.

Dick Anderson - Added 03/04/14.
RMT (in-flight tech) first wave, crew 4
Arrived at Korat AFB Nov 67 with the 553 Recon Sq.
1111 Danbury Dr.
Mansfield Tx, 76063
Cell phone (817) 907-2842

Benjamin L. Andrus - Added 02/06/01.
Ben Andrus was a co-pilot, and then an
aircraft commander with the 554th. Andrus
was at Korat from April 1970 till January 1971.

Richard P. "Dick" Arnold - Added 01/21/13.
554th Aircraft Commander, flew 60 missions with the first crew 29
Then Chief of Maintenance QC from Dec 67 to Dec 68
Retired as Major from AF in July 72, then to the FAA as Senior
Executive Product Team leader for GPS and Navigation systems
Retired from the FAA after 41 years federal service on Dec 31, 1996
After FAA I served on the AF Scientific Advisory Board for 3 years
and the civilian AF GPS Requirements Review Board for 5 years
Opened a photography and consulting business in York, ME for 6 years
Consulted with several corporations for a few years after retirement
Quit all that when I turned 70. I am now eighty

Lanny "Augie" Auberg - Added 07/17/08.
Sgt. USAF, Korat from nov 1967 until June 1968, crew 10
Living in Surprise AZ in the winter and
Marshfield WI in the summer
Cell phone (623) 210-4434

Jake Awalt - Added 08/06/06, updated 02/04/16.
553rd EMS, Crypto shop, supervisor was TSgt. Hays from Big Springs, Texas
Arrived Otis AFB April 1967, Departed Otis for Korat Oct. 21, 1967
Departed Korat Oct. 1968 to Bangkok, then on to Hill AFB, Utah for six
months before discharge.
1108 Applegate Way
Royse City, Texas 75189
Mobile Phone (361) 652-0271

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "B"

Dave Baird - Added 10/17/08.
554RS Aug 68- Feb 69 Crew 38 (Maj Rip Fox AC) Co-pilot
Feb 69- Aug 69, Det 1 at NKP flying the YQU-22A
Returned to Thailand many times as a United Air Lines DC-10 pilot
Korat was usually our alternate for Bangkok
Now retired and living in Eastern Oregon

Dick Baker - Added 4/11/00, Updated 01/3/03.

Bud Barbee - Added 12/27/08.
I arrived in Thailand in November 1969, flew 71 missions
as A/C, was Wing Executive Officer May 70-Nov 70.
1215 Main Rd. #231
Tiverton, RI 02878

Jim Barcus - Added 11/08/01, updated 11/23/08.
Aircraft engine mechanic in the 553rd OMS
beginning in April 1967. Participated
with "Dune Moon Force 4" at Eglin AFB.
departed Otis for Korat in Oct. 1967, and
stayed until Oct. 1968. Returned TDY to
Korat March 1969 to June 1969.
Follow Up - Jim Barcus passed away on January 26, 2005 at Mercy
Hospital, Canton, Ohio. He is survived by his wife, Jenny Barcus,
and daughter Jennifer Ambs who now reside in Lexington, KY.
FAMILY REQUEST - Jennifer is interested in hearing from anyone who knew
her father. Jennifer can be contacted via email at

Paul Barry - Added 06/28/02, updated 10/19/03.
553rd FMS Feb 1970-Feb 1971
625 Maple St.
Elko, Nevada 89801

Jim Bartholomew - Added 4/11/00, updated 01/27/10.
Combat Information Monitor, 554RS, May 69-May70.
Tucson, Arizona
Follow Up - Jim Bartholomew passed away 02/04

John G. Bates - Added 06/24/16.
John G. Bates (SSGT)
1550 W. Dusk Glow Loop
Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 440-3725

Erwin "Erv" Becker - added 09/07/00, updated 01/27/07.
554th, Crew 28, May 69 - May 70
Currently resides in Wetumpka, AL

Wayne Begandy - added 12/04/16, updated 12/30/16.
Wayne is the brother of Batcat MSgt. John Begandy who passed away 12/27/2013
Wayne would like to hear from anyone who knew his brother
Wayne Begandy
152 Abbey Street
Massapequa Park, New York 11762
(516) 798-3837

Don Benedict - Added 01/18/09.
Stationed at Otis AFB Jul67-Nov67, and Korat RTAFB Nov67-Nov68
553rd Organizational Maintenance Squadron (OMS), Flight Line
Now living Canisteo, NY 14823

Joe Berlotti - Added 11/11/16.
CIM on the first crew 26, 1967 to 1968
Now living in Jenks, OK

James Bertram - Added 9/2/02, updated 09/5/02.
USAF Ret'd Aircraft Commander, Crew 8 (Bertram's Bengals),
553rd, Jul 68-Jun 69
140 Tierra Encantada
Corrales NM, 87048
(505) 792-4660

Peter Birren - Added 12/22/07.
553rd EMS aircraft radio repairman - specialized in the ARC-51BX
Arrived in Korat September 1968 via Shaw, Otis and Lackland
Departed for home October 1969
Living in Elk Grove IL, married to the same woman since '71,
self-employed graphic designer since '75,
flying hang gliders since '77
Earned the National Aeronautics Safety Award in 2006
(847) 640-0171

Jim Bishop - Added 11/08/01, updated 04/26/11.
CIM, at Korat from about Sept. 67
(part of the first wave) until about
Aug. or Sept 1968. Was part of Major
Macafee's squad in the 553rd. After Korat
was stationed at McCoy AFB, Florida, and spent
his last 2 years in the service there.

Lonnie Blankenship - added 04/11/00, updated 07/21/10.
554th Recon Sq as a CIM from May 1969 through April 1970

Ralph Blankenship - Added 06/13/04.
Arrived Otis AFB 4/67, left Korat 9/69
240 Missions as a CIM with the 553rd RCS starting out
with "Swatec's Sooper Snoopers."

Larry D. Blaylock - Added 04/23/07, updated 07/26/14.
Capt. Larry D. Blaylock USAF/RETIRED
202 Legend Dale
San Antonio, TX 78258.
(210) 494-6517
Follow Up - Larry Blaylock passed away 2010.

Gerald Boisen - Added 01/19/11.
Assigned to 553rd on Crew 7 from Oct '67-'69.
Retired from Air Force '93.
Live in Port Richey, FL
(727) 534-4622

Ron Bogota - Added 4/11/00, Updated 07/30/14.
Crew bus driver 388th Trans Sq assigned to haul
BATCAT flight crews from the 554 th Sq Sept 68-69.

Peter Bono - Added 4/11/00,updated 11/11/03.
I was at Korat from 11/67 to 10/68 assigned to the 554th
as a CIM. I am now living in E.Northport, (L.I.) N.Y.

Timothy Bopp - Added 03/23/09.
552nd Reconnisance Wing at Mclellan AFB, then assigned
and worked the 553rd FMS at Korat RTAFB from Oct 68 to Sept 69
Did a short assignment to Udorn when the Korat runway was repaired
Then assigned with the 338th FIS until May 1970 when I was
honorably discharged from active service. Still working,
currently reside in Gilbert, Arizona.

TSgt. Bill Borror - Added 08/01/04.
Crew #1, RMT 553rd, Jan 1969 to Jan 1970.
Flew 105 missions, 1222hrs.
11410 Lima Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78213

Albert G. Bosse - Added 04/21/16.
Came to 553rd in March 1967. Left Korat August 1970.
Became a lifer, Retired 1983. Worked for USPS 21 years.
Currently living in Spring Hill, FL

Jim Bost - added 03/24/07, updated 05/28/12.
At Korat August 1968 to August 1969.
Navigator, flew with Major Dan Creager's crew.

James W. Bourdeau - Added 6/10/01, updated 12/08/04.
I was in the 554th Squardon. I was an instructor and Stand Evaluation
type. Comm Tech on Crew 29 (Major "Hap" Arnold's crew)
After flying 2 + years on the E3A as an inflight technician at
Tinker AFB, I retired M/SGT USAF.

Dennis Boutin - added 03/03/18.
CIM on the second crew 40
Korat 1968-1969

David Boyd - added 10/26/08, updated 10/25/17.
1439 NE Falstaff Lane
Ankeny, IA 50021

Warren Breedlove - Added 03/18/06.
Son of Wareen Breedlove Sr., who was ACICO on crew 40
Warren would like to hear from anyone who knew his father
contact via email, or telephone at:
Work - (214) 670-3768
Home - (972) 420-9766

Dan Brimmer - added 10/15/05, updated 11/11/10.
554 Reconnaissance Squadron, Crew 37, 1967 to 1969.
Currently living in Suwanee, GA

Ken Broeker - added 05/26/17.
Initially assigned to the 554th Reconnaissance Squadron
on the second crew 17, Major Bridgette was CICO, later
worked at the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing as Wing ACICO
flew 44 combat missions, departed May 1970.

Dave Brown Jr. - added 09/27/09, updated 11/27/14.
Son of Dave Brown Sr., who was A/C on the second crew 4
Dave would like to hear from anyone who was on his crew
or knew his father at Korat.
Dave Brown Sr. passed away August 21, 2009

Roger Brown - Added 03/19/11.
2276 Canyonville Drive
Henderson, NV 89044
(702) 896-0455

Rick "Rollo" Broyer - Added 11/11/03, updated 04/22/12.
Served with the 554th Recon Squardon 12/68 to 12/69.
I served on crew 40 until about July 1969, then worked
in Base Ops until my return to the States in December.
Was then stationed at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL
Until discharged. Went to Cal State Northridge,
worked at the VA for 10 years, then a large Southern California HMO
Retired in 2011, I now live in a small Central California,
Sierra Mountain Community of Oakhurst.

Bob Bulen - Added 11/18/05.
Batcat from April 1967 to April 1969.

Kelly H. Burke - Added 02/02/05.
Served with the 553rd Wing from November 1968, to
November 1969. First served in the 553rd Recon Squadron
and later in the 554th Recon Squadron as an aircraft
commander, instructor pilot, and flight examiner. Part of
my tour spent in Bangkok as 7/13th Air Force liaison
officer to MACTHAI, the U.S. Embassy and the RTAF.
Retired as Lieutenant General
(Webmaster note - I believe Lieutenant General Burke
achieved the highest USAF rank of any Batcat! His
official USAF biography is available on the main
Batcat Homepage.)

Mike Burroughs - Added 06/01/01, Updated 10/07/10.
Assigned to the 554RS from Jul 68 to Jul 69
Served as CICO on Crew 32
Current address:
15110 Kamary Lane
San Antonio TX 78247-5424

Frank Butler - Added 09/06/14.
Arrived at Korat as part of the first wave in Oct 1967, returned to Otis AFB in Sept 1968
Flew 88 combat missions as a CIM, first on Crew 34 with AC Major Bob Coloney, later on crew 41
AC Lt. Colonel Bob Helfrich. Return to OTIS as a front-end crew Airborne Radio Operator
assigned to an EC-121 H model crew 551st AEW&C Wing, 962nd AEW&C Squadron. Discharged 1970
Received my B.S. degree in 1972, then moved to the Washington, D.C. area where I worked for 30 years
with the U.S. Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, and the FDIC, retiring in 2002
Now reside with my wife in Orlando, FL
Telephone (407) 574-4144

Chuck Butt - Added 05/10/08.
23656 Stonyriver Place
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
Home phone: (239) 949-1928
Cell phone: (239) 565-8649

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "C"

John W. Card - Added 12/07/07.
553rd from late 1969 to mid 1970 on Lt. Co. Aldrich's
"Fat Cat" Crew 23-3 as a Flight Engineer

Robert Casella - Added 10/23/05.
Parachute rigger with the 553rd FMS and also the 388th

Mike Cassidy - added 04/01/03, updated 02/12/08.
CICO on the first Crew 29. At Korat Nov 67-Nov 68
Spent 29 years in the AF and retired as an 0-6 in 1995

Ron Castle - Added 3/27/04, updated 12/03/04.
Crew member with the third crew 28, from January 1970 to February 1971
P.O. Box 421074
Del Rio, Texas 78842
(830) 775-1918

Jonathan J. Christian - Added 8/1/00, Updated 08/14/10.
I was a CIM on crew 26 and others
554th Sq from Oct 67 to Apr 69
P.O. Box 241
Cripple Creek, CO 80813

Bill Clayton - Added 10/15/15.
Batcat 553rd OMS - AFSC 43151A (Aircraft Maintenance)
October 1968 - October 1969, then transferred to
Dover AFB as a 43151E. Multi engine jet mechanic. I got
out of the Air Force in 1971 as an E5 Staff Sgt.
3911 Little Egret Ct.
Lutz, Fl. 33558
Phone 813-264-1439

Charlotte Holder Clinger - Added 02/14/09.
Korat 1968-1969,
553rd DCOI - Intelligence,
(Webmaster note - 2nd Lieutenant Charlotte Holder,
now Col. USAF ret. Charlotte Clinger, was the first
WAF (Women in the Air Force) assigned to Batcat. See
opening Batcat page and WAF page for her information.)

Robin Collord - Added 10/06/09.
Initial Cadre of 553rd Flight Crews in March 1967
After retirement, American Airlines Check Airman
Instructor in the MD-11 and B777
Live on a small Ranch North of Ft. Worth, Texas
and a citrus grove in the Rio Grande Valley. Come visit!

Lionel Dave Coon - Added 06/25/13.
Initially assigned to crew 26-2, Almonds Nuts
Transferred to the detachment 1 at NKP the second
half of my tour to fly the QU-22, then reassigned
to Eglin AFB as an instructor with the 424 TAST unitl
the Pave Eagle project was terminated
now live in Portland, Oregon, and am retired

Thomas Connelly - Added 11/09/09.
Flew on crew #11, Barnie's Bandits (Jan 68-Sep 68)
Rtn to Otis as RO on EC-121H. Other flight assignments
include: 1 SOS-Kadena AB, Japan and 8 TDCS-Tinker AFB, OK
Retired Nov 82 (MSgt). Pastor in the 11th Episcopal District
of the AME Church, now live at
Leesburg, FL 34748
(352) 360-9031

Ron Cox - added 01/13/10, updated 10/21/14.
OIC of the 553rd EMS Communications Shop in 1969

John D. Crowson - added 02/12/07, updated 11/19/09.
AF17738576, Sgt. 1967-1968 Korat,
553rd Reconnaissance Squadron and Wing,
Green Bay Packer Backer Ice Bowl 1967-68
1200 18th St. E #42
Hastings, MN 55033
(651) 438-8500

Rich Custer - Added 05/11/02.
553rd Recon Sq, first crew 9
Flew 84 missions fall 67-Aug 68
Now lives in Houston Texas

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "D"

Richard J. "Rick" Daigle - Added 01/18/16.
Started in Otis in April 67
Korat at first of Nov 67 until the end of Oct.68
I worked in the AGE SHOP 553 FMS

Dennis Daniels - Added 11/15/09.
Assigned to the 554th RS Otis AFB September 1967 as CIM
Deployed to Korat RTAFB in November 67 - September 68
CIM crew 10

Charles Dannheiser - added 07/04/01, updated 02/09/08.
I was at Korat from October 1967 to
October 1968 as a co-pilot on Maj. Joe Reed's
crew in the 553 Recon SQ. I am now living in
Newburgh, IN
Telephone 812-853-9282

Anderson "Andy" Davie - - Added 03/10/16.
2nd/1st Lt., Aug., 1968 - Sept., 1969 at Korat RTAFB
Navigator, Crew 9, 101 combat missions with 553rd Recon Sq.
Active duty, 1967-75. AFRes, 1975-97. Retired as commander (Colonel)
of AFRes A-10/F-111 ABDR team at McClellan AFB, CA.
FAA career (1976-2016) included air traffic control specialist,
airport planner, navigation specialist and NEXTGEN technologies program
manager at Los Angeles regional office.
Currently live in San Jose, CA
Cell phone contact: (408) 806-8623

Dave Degregorio - Added 10/22/00, updated 08/01/05.
I was orderly room/ops/admin/exec and commander's
clerk from 9/69 to 9/70 in the 554th Recon Sq.
My buddies, like Meek and Francis J. Gaudin Jr,
decided to call me "Big L", as in "EL DEGREGORIO."

Ron DeGroff - Added 04/11/00, updated 09/28/16.
3204 Piero Avenue
Toledo, OH 43615-1344
Follow Up - Ron DeGroff passed away September 28, 2016.

Lance DeLaruelle - added 09/27/03, updated 01/03/18.
Radio Operator July 68 - July 69
Crew #7, Major Clark was the Aircraft Commander,
other crewmembers, Kittrell, Jack ?, EWO: Capt Mac
Lance DeLaruelle
210 Acorn Drive
Warminster, PA 18974

Stephen Deni - added 05/02/02, updated 12/09/17.
Worked 553rd OMS Aug 1966 to March 1970
Worked for PA Air National Guard and US Navy depot in Philadelphia PA
retired MSgt PA ANG
Living in Newtown Square PA 19073

Paul W. Desrosiers - Added 08/15/00.
Paul was a CIM on Crew 33 from April 69 to April 70 554RCS.
84 Concord St.
Fall River Mass. 02723

John I. Diehl - Added 12/10/15.
Did two tours with Batcat at Korat
Assigned to the first crew 4 on first wave 1967 to 1968
rotated back to the BAT CAVE and returned for the
for the second tour spending parts of 1969 to 1970

Rick Dietly - Added 09/11/12.
553 OMS, Korat [First Wave] Nov 67-Dec 68, worked flight line
grave shift; launch, recovery and aircraft maintenance.
Went to Madrid, Spain after Korat for four years then to
Dyess AFB Tx. with a year in Iceland then back to Dyess.
Retired Mar. 1983 and stayed in Abilene, TX

Steve Dmytriw - Added 11/18/05.
Batcat pilot with the 553rd January 1970 to December 1970
Was "allowed" to come back as Disco pilot with College Eye,
552nd, TDY 1971 and 1972; Took the first Batcat Connie back to the
boneyard as copilot with Jon Preus December 1970. Blew a jug
going into Wake Island attended the Wake Island Christmas party
while waiting for parts from the states.
100 Quietwood Dr.
Vacaville, CA 95688
(916) 566-7493

Charles Dochenetz - Added 01/04/10.
E-4 Sgt. at Korat 1967 to 1968
553rd FMS AGE shop
2 years at Mcguire AFB after leaving Korat
Retired Ford Research, NVH (Sound & Vibration) 2007

Ron Donley - Added 03/08/09, - updated 11/06/14.
Otis AFB 551 FMS engine shop flight line and
phase docks. From September 1968 to August 1969 at
Korat RTAFB with the 553 FMS engine
shop working the flight line
Follow Up - Ron Donley passed away 01/23/11.
FAMILY REQUEST - Ron Donley's wife, Linda Donley,
would like to hear from anyone who knew Ron Donley.
Contact Linda via email at and
Linda Donley request added 11/09/14.

Mike Doran - Added 10/21/12, updated 01/18/17.
Former Aircraft Radio Repairman (Keesler/Otis/Korat)
Trained as a Batcat at Otis
Transferred to Korat in Phase 1
Currently a volunteer at The National Museum
Of The United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio

David Dotson - Added 08/29/06.
CIM Nov 67 to Jun 69, 553rd Reconaissance Squadron
Crew #10 "Flings Ferrets." Retired from the USAF 1 Jul 86
Presently resides in Indianapolis

George "Bull" Durham - added 06/11/05, updated 11/04/15.
Arrived at Korat as part of the first wave in Oct 1967
Navigator on crew 34 with Major Bob Coloney
Then to Rescue C-130's at Moron in Spain and Woodbridge in England
Then to C-141's at Dover and Charleston where I left active duty
and went to the reserves. Served the reserves at Phoenix, Tinker
and New Orleans before retiring in 1986. Worked as a Contract Engineer
in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Texas
and Kentucky. Could not get rid of the traveling bug.
Retired again and living in Newport, R.I.
Phone (859) 396-1243

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "E"

Don Elder - Added 11/06/16.
553rd FMS, Environmental Systems Shop from early 1970.
After the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing was incactived 12/15/70,
stayed on at Korat with the 388th TFW FMS shop until late 1972

Joe Eno - Added 05/14/00.
CIM Jan 69 to Sept 69 with crew 11
737 Carquinez Way
Martinez, Calif. 94553-1508
(925) 228-0498

Mason Ezzell - Added 05/24/14.
Co-pilot Da Nang Glider
554th Oct. 68 - Oct 69, crew 31
5334 Wildbrook Cv.
Memphis, TN 38120
Cell (901) 791-2639

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "F"

Dave Finkel - Added 01/18/03.
Combat Information Monitor, ACICO
Oct70 - Dec71

Richard "Rich" Fiske - Added 09/27/12.
CIM-G, AACT, Cockpit operator, etc at TFA
Nakhon Phanom
Now living in Massachusetts

John Flood - Added 6/21/01, updated 01/2/05.
Korat RTAFB from May 69 - Oct 69 as a CIM

Bernard Flory - Added 08/6/03.
553rd Aircraft commander at Korat RTAFB 1968 - 1969
Contact through his son Claude, now living in Connecticut

Ray Franks - added 09/09/06, updated 07/01/11.
CICO crew 15, 553rd Recon Squadron, August 13, 1968 - September 1969
Aircraft Commanders Maj. Fred Fullington and Lt. Col. Anton Letange
Currently Lt. Col. South Carolina State Guard,
Commander Military History Detachment.
I gave up my Infantry Battalion August 15, 2005, Retired July 01, 1987,
Came into the South Carolina Guard after 9/11

William T. French - Added 05/20/01, updated 03/27/17.
Served on Crew 5 (2), Nov. 1968 to Nov. 1969
William T. French, Jr.
5612 Rainey Ave. E
Orange Park, FL 32065
Cell (904) 568-4357
Home (904) 269-7502

Monty Freshwater, MAJ (Ret), USA - Added 10/12/11.
Served in Korat with 553rd Recon Sq from Sep 68-Sep 69
Co-pilot (1LT) on crew with Lt Col Bullinger as A/C (not sure of crew #)
Later during my tour flew YQU-22A at NKP
Follow on assignment was flying KC-135 at Barksdale AFB
Later served on active duty with Army as veterinarian, retiring in 1999
Would welcome hearing news/information from former crew members

LeRoy T. "Roy" Fretschl - Added 10/08/09, updated 12/30/15.
Original first wave Batcat
408 Finson Road
St. Albans, ME 04971-7311
(207) 938-2334
Follow Up - LeRoy T. "Roy" Fretschl passed away February 24, 2015.

Bob Friedman - added 04/11/00, updated 01/01/08.
ACICO, Crew 10, 553rd Recon Sq, Oct 69 - Jul 70. Retired CMSgt.
PO Box 300459
Arlington, TX 76007

Allan Fuss - Added 09/03/15.
553rd FMS Airframe Repair, Korat RTAFB August '69 thru August '70
479th Tac Fighter Wing, George AFB August '70 thru May '71
Det 1 56th Special Operations Wing, Udorn RTAFB May '71 thru Nov '72
Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "G"

Lynn Gates - added 07/07/03, Updated 06/04/07.
CIM, Crew 9, 553rd Recon Sq, Jul 69 - Sept 70.
100 Missions, 1149 Combat Hours.
1909 Sandhurst Dr.
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(303) 688-4397

Gary Gaudioso - Added 01/13/10.
553rd Recon Sq., served at Korat from 11/68 to 9/69
CIM, flew with Crew #10
Currently live in Hopewell Jct., New York

Josh Gavin Jr. - Added 4/11/00, updated 07/23/06.
I was assigned to the 553rd from the 551st
in early 1967. Was deployed to Korat in the
fall of '67 (I think October), returned to
Travis AFB for discharge in Sept. of '68.
I attained the rank of Sgt. (E-4).
I was in the Field Maintenance Squadron Electric shop.
510 Emory Court
Tallahassee, Fl 32310
Home phone (850) 575-9550
Work phone (850) 414-7136

James F. Geimer - Added 02/23/11.
SMSgt, retired, 553 EMS Radio Shop, Dec 1968 - Dec 1969
NCOIC 388TFW Radio Shop, Jan 1973 - Jan 1974. Same building,
but a different room. Retired from Castle AFB Nov 1978,
still living in Atwater, California

Gregory Gibson - added 08/01/00, updated 04/08/09.
Greg (HOOT) Gibson, Oct 69 to Sept 70, was
on crew 40 as a CIM. I was in the 554 Recon Sq.
Home phone (702) 683-0517

Tim Gomez - Added 04/29/05.
554th OMS crew chief at Korat. During Gomez's USAF
career he was assigned to all USAF Connie units: 551st AEW&C wing,
the 552nd AEW&C wing, the 966th Squadron and 553rd Recon Wing.
Later cross trained as a flight engineer on Connies. Now working for
Lockheed at Marietta, Georgia as a flight engineer on the
C-130 program.

Joe Gonzales - Added 4/11/00, updated 03/05/07.
I live in Clinton, Utah. I was at Korat from Sep 68 to July 69.
I was in the 554th. I was a radio tech. on Crew 26.

John C. Gover - Added 08/08/17.
EC-121R flight engineer, at Korat Dec 13, 1968 thru Dec 13, 1969
Follow Up - John Gover passed away February 17, 2017.
FAMILY REQUEST - Connie Gover, John Gover's daughter,
would like to hear from anyone who served with her father.
Contact Connie Gover via email at
235 Bellaire Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324

Ron Grayson - Added 08/01/05.
Crew Chiefed on 499 with Bill Clontz for 17 of the 23 months
at Korat, then ran engines, worked for maintenance support.

Larry Graves - Added 05/16/04.
Part of the original wing members at Otis early March 1967.
Deployed to Korat in Sept. 1967.

Bill Grosick - Added 01/22/12.
Started with the 553rd at Otis in April 67
Korat the first of Nov. 67 until the end of Oct. 68
I worked in the AGE shop, 553rd FMS

Burt Gunn - Added 07/31/09.
Crew 1 from July 69 to May 70
Address Oct to May
12681 Ironwood Dr
Yuma, AZ 85367
Addres May to Oct
420 Stringham Rd
Rockford, WA 99030

Robert Gurley - Added 02/16/12, updated 02/22/13.
553rd EMS 68-69, worked the Phase Dock and flight
line for the Com/Nav shop. At Charleston before coming
to Korat. (437 CEMS, C-141A and C-124)
(901) 785-3095

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "H"

Jim Hagon - Added 11/01/15.
1st assignment, 552 OMS April 69 - Nov 69, McClellan
Then 553 OMS Nov 69 - Sept 70 Korat RTAFB
Following assignments in SAC on KC-135 and B-52 at Castle,
Grissom, and K.I. Sawyer in Mx
Followed by USAFE, RAF Upper Heyford, F-111E Mx
Lastly, Joint STARS Program Office, Hanscom AFB
Retired USAF in Oct 96
Working at Duncan Aviation, Battle Creek, Michigan
Living on Wall Lake, Delton, MI

Arley Hamilton - added 05/30/02, updated 06/21/09.
Worked in the COMM shop from Dec. 67 to Dec. 68, I was the
last of the original COMM shop people to rotate to Korat.
PO Box 81317
Mobile, AL 36689
(251) 479-9002

Don Hamilton - Added 04/02/13.
(727) 744-3919

Maurice Hammack - Added 11/29/12.
Korat, Oct '67 to Oct '68

Don Haren - added 10/06/06, updated 03/08/08.
Radio Operator on crew 28 from July 1968 to July 1969
Capt. Thompson aircraft commander
Now retired and living in Hawaii

Bob Harper - Added 6/8/00, updated 12/02/04.
Assigned to Crew 38 11/67 to 11/68
8119 Belmont Drive
Alma, AR 72921

William E. "Gene" Heflin - Added 07/17/06.
553rd Recon Squadron, at Korat 10/68 to 10/69
Radio operator and CIM on crew 5, 96 missions
AC Lt. Col. Warren G. Williams
27 Chimney View Lane
Springfield, Illinois 62707-9306

Harry D. Henderson - Added 09/12/15.
TDY Otis Aug-Sep 68 for 121 training
553rd EMS/AMS nav shop Nov 68-Nov69
Retired in 1988 as CMSgt
Worked at several Aerospace Companies
Retired President Weldon Technologies in 2005
Now live in Dublin, OH

Bill Herridge - Added 04/17/04, updated 12/15/17.
553rd EMS Nav Aids Shop, at Korat from Oct 68 to Nov 69.
Now living in Gatesville, Texas.

Mark Hoffmann - added 3/21/04, updated 08/19/04.
553rd OMS Nov 68 to Nov 69, Assitant Crew Chief
Came from McClellan AFB, California
Finished service at Grissom AFB, Indiana
Now living in New Berlin, Wisconsin, working
as Powertrain Engineer at Harley-Davidson

Bill Holbrook - added 04/11/00, updated 10/25/12.
I was assigned to the 553rd in May of 67. PCS'd to Otis and was
there when the first connie arrived. I was assigned as aircrew on
474 as en route maintenance in Nov 67 when the unit deployed to
Korat. There I was assigned to the 553rd instrument shop which
was part of the EMS sqdn.
18440 N. 43rd Dr
Glendale, AZ 85308

William R. "Holly" Hollingsworth - Added 09/25/15.
EC-121R flight engineer, at Korat 1970
Also served as the senior enlisted advisor
Follow Up - William Hollingsworth passed away January 8, 1994.
FAMILY REQUEST - Mark Hollingsworth, William Hollingsworth's son,
would like to hear from anyone who served with his father.
Contact Mark via email at and
Or by telephone at (870) 656-7302

Charlie Hollis - Added 09/13/09, updated 02/11/15.
CIM on the first crew 28, I was part of Dune
Moon at Eglin and came back to Otis as a R/O
Follow Up - Charlie Hollis passed away 02/06/2015.

John T. Holzer - Added 04/10/14.
Aircraft Radio Maint (SSGT) 553/388 AMS Nov 70 - Nov 71
955 E. Eldorado Ln.
Las Vegas, NV 89123
Cell Phone (702) 401-8289

Eugene C. Horecka - added 08/01/00, updated 07/10/13.
Eugene C. "lil beaver" Horecka Msgt Ret. Flight Engineer
at Korat from11/68 to 10/69. 553rd on the "Hallmark"
crew. "If you care enough to send the very best."
Returned to Norton as a C-141 flight engineer.
Lt. Col. William Ritter was my A/C.
Follow Up - Eugene C. Horecka passed away 2011.

Ron Huff - Added 11/24/11.
Korat RTAFB, September 1968-August 1969
CICO on Crew 16 "Creager's Crowd" and then
flew with A/C Kelly Burke when Dan Left
Co-pilot Pete Giroux, Nav Jim Bost, 107 Combat missions
1121 hours, 3 TDYs to TFA at NKP
Retired from USAF in June 1994 as Colonel
Current address:
6713 Olympia Hills Rd
Fort worth, TX 76132
(817) 312-1995

William L. Huffman - Added 10/18/13.
TSgt. William L. Huffman, CIM 1971-1972
Retired, living in Rohnert Park, CA
Would like to hear from members of flying crew

James L. Humphrey - Added 02/22/13.
554 Recon Sq. Apr 69 - Apr 70 as a CIM, flew 89 missions, I was a Sgt.
3 Air Medals, completed a BA and 3 Masters Degrees, retired from the Air Force
31 Dec 93 as a Major. 2 assignments with Air Force Reserve Officer Training
Corps (AFROTC). My officer career was spent as an Acquisition Manager,
I worked acquisition of Guided Weapons, Range Sensors and Testing Equipment
and Weather Equipment. At retirement my position was outsourced to Science
Applications International Corporation (SAIC), I was hired back into it where
I worked until Jul 2007 when I retired.

Donald J. Hunt - Added 12/30/00, updated 09/06/09.
Sgt Donald J. Hunt, AF12761794, CIM
554rd Reconnaissance Squadron April 1969 - April 1970
150 Pratt Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420
We were the "Buzzard Bay Bastards"

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "I"

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "J"

Bob James - Added 03/29/07.
Msgt USAF Retired.
Flight Engineer C-141; EC-121R; EC-135N and E-4 a/b
1896 Sonoma Ranch Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Mick Jameson - Added 02/10/05.
554 Recon Squadron Crew 33 co-pilot, August 1968 through May 1969.
Upgraded to aircraft commander in 554 Recon Squadron (forgot crew number).
Departed the end of July 1969.

Mike Jankowski MJANKOWSKI@Q.COM - added 07/07/03, updated 09/06/09.
Assigned to Batcat when the unit was formed at Otis AFB
Deployed to Korat in Oct 1967 on C-141.
553rd FMS

Clyde Jelinek - Added 01/20/07, updated 02/23/12.
ACICO on crew 5 in the 553rd squadron August 1969.
to August 1970. Flew 102 Missions.

Cliff Jensen - Added 12/08/03, updated 02/04/16.
CIM on 1st crew 39, Major Arch Heckler AC
Best friends on the crew were Nick Brayer,
Jim Satterwaite, Rick Weiner, and John Mink.
Now living in North Port, Florida.
Cell phone (702) 302-9409

Andrew D. Jones - Added 03/04/13.
Assigned to Batcat when the unit was formed at Otis AFB
Deployed to Korat in Oct 1967 on C-141
Assigned to 553rd FMS (Mechanical Accessories)
Retired and living in Massachusetts

James H. "Jim" or "Jorgy" Jorgensen - Added 11/14/10.
553d Recon Sq from Jan 69 until Sep 69, Crew # 4, Brown's Buzzards
As SSgt served as a CIM and an ACICO. Accepted a Personnel Warrant
Officer appointment in the US Army, spent last 7 1/2 in the Army,
Graduated from Iowa State University (ISU) in Ames, IA in 1973
while serving an assignment at AFROTC Det 250, ISU. Retired at 20
years in 1985 as CW2, USA, and returned to Ames, IA in 1986.
4207 Westbrook Drive
Ames, IA 50014-3472
(515) 233-6175

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "K"

George Kamburoff - Added 04/11/00.
I was a tech in the 553d Electronics Maintenance Squadron,
Assigned March, 1967,
arrived Otis AFB, May, 1967,
deployed to Korat 11/67,
returned to US 11/68
533 Westover Lane
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 256-1444

Bill Keaveney - Added 05/5/04.
Helped form the original 553rd at Otis AFB, deployed with the last
3 aircraft from McClellan AFB, and became NCOIC of the instrument
and autopilot shop 553rd EMS. Returned for a second tour in 1969 with
same position in the 553rd EMS, where I coached the EMS softball team
to the base championship! Returned to the U.S., stationed at Norton AFB,
where I retired in 1971. Would be pleased to hear from other EMS via

Robert Keeyes - Added 03/26/01.
I was assigned to 553 FMS Prop Shop at
Korat 1968/69.
1695 Arnheim Ct.
El Cajon, CA 92021
(619) 440-4194

Wayne Kemp (SSgt) - Added 02/02/02.
RMT assigned to Col. LeTang's crew, 1/69 to 10/69
2507 Oakrill Rd
Marietta, GA 30062

Dan Kilburn - Added 03/02/01.
Dan Kilburn was CICO on Major Don Arth's
crew from Dec 67 to Dec 68. Retired Lt Col,
now living in Punta Gorda, FL.

Gary Kindle - Added 07/30/12.
1st wave Batcat that was a Cim on Crew 31
now retired and living in Lakeland, FL

Douglas Kimbrough - Added 11/26/01.
I was with the 553rd in the comm shop and
worked on both the lovely "A" able and "B"
baker row's, better known as the flight line.
Time in Korat was Nov. 69 thru Nov. 70.
Douglas Kimbrough
970 Steeplechase Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Stephen Klinicki - Added 03/05/04.
(281) 221-4287

Kirk Kohn - Added 10/04/05.
CIM in the 554th May 1969 to September 1970
flew mostly with crew 37, Lt. Col. Norman and Maj. Yee AC's
Also worked in scheduling
Home address
12950 N. Beck Rd.
Plymouth, MI 48170

Dennis Koth - Added 11/11/13, updated 11/29/15.
553rd FMS engine shop 1968-69

Ken Krueger - Added 09/06/09, updated 08/13/13.
553rd OMS, Sarted at Otis the latter part of 1967 going
to McClellan in Nov. 1967 Then to Korat in Dec 1967.
Ran the 780 equipment section most of the time. Currently
retired living in a small northern California town of Sutter.
1810 2nd Ave
Sutter, CA 95982
Follow Up - Ken Krueger passed away 04/10/11.

Joe Krussel - added 3/01/03, updated 09/26/04.
554th from Feb 69 to Feb 70, Co-Pilot on crew 38 with Lt. Col. Homer Stewart,
and later Lt. Col. Bud Barbee, I was a 1st Lt. at the time.
5317 Murdoch
St. Louis, MO 63109
(314) 832-4101

Greg Krzyzak - Added 3/2/01, updated 04/28/03.
Assigned to 551st FMS, Otis AFB, MA from
Aug 1966 to Nov 1968. Was then PCS'd to
Korat, 553 FMS, Nov 1968 to Feb 1971 (had
two voluntary extensions). I worked as an
Aircraft Air Conditioning & Pressurization
Mechanic, also known as Heat, Vent, &
Refrigeration (HVR). Looking to make contact
with other co-workers.
Greg Krzyzak
518 Bowstring Dr.
Clifton, CO 81520-7983
(970) 434-0605

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "L"

John D. LaBonte Sr. - Added 10/19/03, updated 02/16/12.
Sgt. 553rd FMS, Korat RTAFB Nov. 1969 to Oct. 1970,
1801 East Warlow Drive, SPC 6,
Gillette, Wyoming 82716
(307) 682-2882
Follow Up - John D. LaBonte Sr. passed away 12/11/11.

Larry H. Lancaster - Added 10/11/04, updated 01/09/09.
Trained at Otis to take over maintenance from Radiation, Inc.
Korat from November 1968, 553rd EMS
Rural carrier with the US Postal Service
Living in Somerset, KY

Bob Langenhan - Added 05/31/08.
553 OMS, Korat Oct 67-Nov68, worked flight line
grave shift; launch, recovery and aircraft maintenance.
Returned to Otis AFB Dec 68-Feb 70 as crew chief on H model 55268
San Rafael, CA

Bob Langevin - Added 02/02/05.
Assigned to the 553rd as a CIM 1970-1971. During this
period the wing was deactivated and one squadron became
part of the 388th TFW. Never assigned to a specific crew as
crewmembers switched often. Retired as a TSgt., now
living in Watertown, CT

Dale Lautenbach - Added 02/02/08.
Original Batcat at Otis, instructed for a coupole months after
first deployment. Arrived TSN airbase at the start of Tet-We
made a hasty departure and arrived Korat January 68 and left
January 69. First crew 11-Barnies Bandits.

Lionel "Chuck" Lavoie - added 04/11/00, updated 05/25/07.
554 Recon Sq., Flight Engineer, Korat RTAFB,
Apr 1970 - Dec 1970
2614 Southern Oaks Dr.
Cantonment, FL 32533-3820

Gerald W. "BUTCH" Lazaroff - added 08/22/09, updated 11/08/17.
Joined the 553 Recon Sq in June 1967
CICO on Maj. Graham Flings' Crew #1
Flew 107 missions, 1500+ combat hours
Now retired living in San Antonio, TX
Home phone (210) 481-0920

Thomas Leatherwood - Added 08/08/08, updated 01/17/12.
Flight Engineer
961stAEW Otis from Sep 1967 to Jun 1969
Assigned to 553rd Sq/ Crew 10
June 1969 to May 1970 - Left 1 mo early to ferry #500 to Boneyard at Tucson
Flew C141s out of Travis for next 2 yrs.
Retired MSgt 1982
Worked for Rockwell International as QA Field Rep on B-1B
Currently live in Sturgis, SD

Emmett F. Lennon - added 05/28/07.
Aug 68 - Dec. 1969 served in Korat
8752 Derby Ct.
Laplata, MD.

Dan LeSage - Added 04/28/03, updated 03/14/10.
Camer with A/C #437 in September 1967, left in March 1969
113 Combat Missions, 1300+ Combat Hours with crews 33-1 and 33-2
Retired as Master Sergeant 1992, now a recruiter for TIMCO Aviation
Services, Inc.

Bob Levy - added 06/27/04, updated 02/09/08.
Oct. 67 to Oct. 69, First aircrew from the 553rd to reach 100 missions,
before returning he flew more than 200 missions.
Now lives in Minneapolis, MN

Jim Lewis - Added 10/02/00.
At Korat Oct. 1967 to Nov. 1968.
Now lives in Columbus, Ohio

John W. Linaburg - Added 02/23/11, updated 04/22/11.
553rd EMS - worked in the Radio Shop 1967-69
Retired from Norton AFB, CA June 1975
John W. Linaburg
1901 East Heather Avenue
Gilbert AZ 85234
(Webmaster note - TSgt. John Linaburg was the first
Batcat to earn the Purple Heart for wounds received
from the enemy in combat. Deatils on Batcat homepage.)

Follow Up - John Linaburg passed away 03/09/11.
FAMILY REQUEST - Jean Linaburg-Swan, daughter of John Linaburg,
would like to hear from anyone who knew her father. Contact Jean
via email at and or
by telephone at (951) 533-0855.
Jean Linaburg-Swan request Added 08/06/15.

Robert "Bob" Look - Added 09/09/05.
Otis AFB Apr 67 to Oct 67
Korat AB Oct 67 to Sept 68
Helped set up and operate the temporary command
post while waitting for the headquarters building to be completed.
Retired from Vance AFB, Ok Sept 78.
Korat Oct. 1967 to Nov. 1968.
PO Box 99
Ringwood, OK 73768

Bill Love - added 04/11/00, Added 10/11/09.
266 Jamie Jack Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
(972) 264-1781

Ken Lowe - Added 05/22/09.
RMT, crew member in the lead Connie of the second group
of EC-121R's to leave Otis for Korat

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "M"

Bob MacFarland - Added 09/0622/09.
Part of the first wave to go to Korat, I was a CIM
on crew 34 of the 554th Recon. Squadron from 1967-1968.
PO Box 127
East Dixfield, ME 04227
Phone: (207) 645-4078

Lee "Leo" J. Magers, Col. USAF Ret. - Added 5/27/03, updated 02/23/16.
A/C of Crew 29 from June 1968 until June 1969.
15169 Legend Oaks Ct.
Ft. Mill, SC 29707
Phone: 803-548-2448
Follow Up - Lee "Leo" J. Magers passed away 10/27/10.

Bob Malone - Added 11/11/00, Updated 12/07/16.
Bob Malone, Sgt., was a RMT on the first crew 31, Hendley's Horsemen,
under Major (at the time) George Hendley. I arrived
in Nov 67 in the third wave of the initial deployment
to Korat from Otis. I departed in Nov '68 after
logging 1300 hrs of flight in the EC-121R's.
409 Kingston Plantation Blvd
Benton, LA 71006
Cell phone (972) 342-6597

Mike Mannheimer - Added 08/01/11.
50 Spruce Drive
Boydton VA 23917
Home phone 252-257-9964
cell phone 703-581-4380
Assistant Wing CICO
June 69-Jul 70

Robert Mansfield - Added 04/11/00.
Was part of the original Batcat members I came to Otis
in May of 67 from the 4410 Tac training wing at
Hurlbet Field in Fla. Was in the second wave of
people that went to Korat in Oct. of 67.

William F. "Bill" Maroon - Added 04/08/14.
Navigator, flew over to Korat Oct. 1967 on the 5th EC-121R to leave Otis for Thailand
A/C was Major Ed Lefferts and we called ourselves Leffert's Lepers
Would love to hear from Ed Lefferts or Larry Lees who was our CICO
At a wing party for the F-105 pilots/navigators (Bears) of the 388th TFW,
I ran in the bar running contest against their champion and won for the 553rd WG
Still have the decorated banner that says KABOOM Bar Running Champion 1968
After Korat I flew C-130A's out of Tachikawa AB, Japan with bi-weekly rotations
to Cam Rahn Bay or Tan Son Nhut with the 815th TCS. In 1969, I switched to the 556th
Recon Sqnd at Yokota AB, Japan until 1972. Last remote tour in the USAF was as Chief
of Intelligence for the 8th Tac Fighter Wing, Kunsan AB, Korea. Retired in Austin TX in Nov. 1984
Taught high school for 13 years in Dover, DE, retired again in 2004. Currently doing volunteer
work in the Dover USO and serving as a tour guide in the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover
Wonder what happened to all the washboards we carried from Otis to Korat upon the advice of the initial cadre?
242 North Greenview Dr.
Dover, DE 19901
Telephone (302) 697-6828

Daniel C. Marquez - Added 1/02/02, updated 08/14/11.
CIM/ACICO on crew 39 (Maj Arch Heckler, AC)
Nov 68, original group that started at Otis AFB. MA in Jul 67.
Reassigned to 4753rd Air Defense Sqd Dec 68 as CIM instructor to
Dec 69. Reassigned back to inflight refueling superintendent at
Ellsworth AFB, SD and March AFB, CA. Retired as MSgt. Oct 78 from March.
Live in Torrington, WY
Follow Up - Daniel Marquez passed away 08/13/11.

Mark Mason - Added 03/09/09.
553 OMS from October 1967 through October 1968

John S. "Bat" Masterson - Added 5/14/00, updated 07/23/14.
CICO 554th Squadron June 1970 to January 1971.
410 Crescent Court
Lebanon, OH 45036-1610

Stan M. McClellan, JR - Added 09/14/09, updated 02/23/16.
Flew 2 Tours at Korat RTAFB, Sept 69-Sept 70 and Dec 71-Dec72
Post Military-Aviator in General Aviation as Freight/Corp Aviation,
Flying for major corporations, mostly in the Southwest
Currently Flying as line Capt with Omni Air Transport
also flies Hawkers' "800XP" based out of Tulsa, OK
now retired, living in San Antonio, TX
Phone (210) 239-5758

Lee "Leroy" McCraw - Added 04/28/03, updated 07/09/06.
Korat 1967/1968
CIM Crew 36

Richard Dean McCreary - Added 10/21/12.
Connie pilot, at Korat Dec. 1969 to June 1970, 554th Recon Squadron
email is for Dadre Dean McCreary, daughter of Richard
Dadre would like to hear from anyone who knew
her father.

Jim McCune - Added 03/02/01, updated 12/21/12.
554 RS EW Crew 27
October 69 - August 70
Colonel USAF Retired
112 Woodridge Drive
Wetumpka, AL 36092
Follow Up - Jim McCune passed away on December 19, 2012

Marvis V. "Mac" McDow - Added 11/29/12.
M/Sgt USAF, Arrived Otis AFB 4/67, left Korat 8/68
Worked in SAC ECM prior to this assignment, Retired 7-69.
Follow Up - Mac McDow passed away on November 9, 2011
and is survived by his wife Sandra McDow.
FAMILY REQUEST - Sandra McDow who would like to hear
from anyone who knew Mac while he was at Korat. Sandra can
be reached via email at
or via postal at:
Sandra McDow
2037 Manorview Cir. NW
Salem, OR 97304
Home 503-689-1617
Cell 503-930-3328

Tom McKinny - added 12/30/01- updated 06/06/06.
Tom McKinny worked in the hydraulic shop,
Korat Sept. 1968 - Sept. 1969
1932 Sterling St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37127

David A. McLellan - Added 07/23/12.
1966-1968 - 551 OMS/FMS, Otis AFB, MA
1968-1969 - 9th SOS, Nha Trang AB, Vietnam
1969 - 551 FMS, Otis AFB, MA
1969-1972 552 FMS, McClellan AFB, CA/Kwangju AB, Korea
1972-1974 - 552 OMS/FMS, Korat RTAFB, Thailand
Current residence: Shalimar, FL

Michael Meehan - Added 01/01/12, updated 01/19/16.
A1C Michael Meehan, CIM on second Crew 27
1145 Sutton Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
Phone cell (513) 477-8958
Florida home phone (239) 228-5067

Larry Meeks - Added 03/23/05.
553rd EMS Nav Aids Shop Oct. 67 to Nov. 68
Part of the second wave from Otis AFB October 1967

Phillip W. Miller - added 05/19/13, updated 03/31/18.
553rd FMS Airframe Repairman, arrived at Otis AFB, April of 1967
TDY Eglin AFB, Hurlbet Field June and July 1967
Korat RTAFB, October 1967 through September 1968
Looking for the men with whom I served in Thailand
The other men in the Airframe shop were:
Sergeants - Lowery, Redd, Pate and Gillman
Airmen - James Robinson, Gary Bo, Jim Wentz, Robert Goode
Now Living at:
107 Camp Drive
Georgetown, Texas 78633
Mobile phone (405) 698-9660

Percy D. Mills - Added 12/17/00, updated 11/11/03.
1100 Whispering Pines Dr.
Eufaula, AL 36027-4877
(334) 687-9588

John Montecalvo Sr. - Added 08/02/13.
Batcat on crew 8, 553RS from August 69 - August 70
also worked in the orderly room with a Dario Duchek, 702
and TSgt Tenant, First Sergeant

Greg Moore - Added 02/17/08.
553rd Recon Sqn, 17 Feb 69 - 27 Dec 69
Previously served with 964th AEW&C, 552nd AC&W
"College Eye" Crew #16, 13 Sep 67 - 24 Jan 68

Larry G. Moore - Added 05/22/09.
Sgt. USAF, In-flight Tech, Korat Nov 1967 to June 1968
553rd, Crew10 - "Flings Farrets," 109 Missions
2220 Desert Circle
Las Cruces, N.M. 88001
(575) 525-1991

Brent Morris - Added 08/02/13.
at Korat from late 69 to late 70, 553rd OMS
Crew Chief on C-121G 54-4056

Phillip Mullis - Added 02/21/10.
First wave Batcat, trained at Otis AFB on EC-121 1967.
Arrived Korat October 1967. Assigned to Prop Shop.
Served in Korat until October 1968 then to Bien Thui,
Vietnam until October 1969, Discharged as Staff Sgt.
Would love to hear from some of the guys in the prop
shop and engine shop during this same period.

Joe Murphy - Added 06/17/07.
Korat Nov 1968 - April 1969.
Task Force Alpha at NKP from June 69 to June 70
Home phone (850) 581-4884

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "N"

Ken Nagel - Added 03/30/14.
Original Batcat navigator, arrived Otis in April, 1967
Korat RTAFB Dec, 1967 - Nov, 1968. Now retired after a
career in avionics manufacturing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Richard S. Napolitano - Added 06/06/06.
Englewood, FL
(941) 473-3260

Marshall H. Nash - Added 11/11/03.
I was a flight engineer with the 553rd Recon. Squadron
during the second wave. The other flight engineer
was Norman Nash from Otis AFB, MA. I now live in the
San Diego area community of Lakeside, CA.

Richard "Dick" Neal - Added 04/29/12.
I was a navigator on Rickerson's crew in the 554th squadron
navigator on second aircraft to land at Korat about Oct 19, 1967
Because I had flown Tanker missions previously in early '67
I had the earliest DEROS, return Aug 1968. Next assignement
Kadena, Okinawa, then Mather AFB,CA, Patrick AFB, FL, and Norton AFB, CA
Retired '79 as a Lt Col and worked for Hughes Aircraft Co for 20 years.
7322 Starboard St.
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Vincent F. Nicosia - Added 09/13/09.
553rd Recon Squadron, Jan 1971 - Dec 1971
Co-pilot with several different aircraft commanders,
LtCol Robinson, LtCol Howarth and Capt Bob Soule
Retired as Lt. Colonel

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "O"

Thomas "Tom" O'Brien - added 04/01/03, updated 08/05/08.
Assigned to 554th Recon Sq., Crew 40 (Capt. Larry Thompson
was A/C at the time.) Answerwed mostly to: "OB" or Tom,
Rank: Major
Tour was August 1968 to August 1969

Jim O'Byrne - Added 08/19/05.
Jim's father was CMSgt. Warren E. "Obie" O'Byrne, ACICO on the
first crew 10. Warren O'Bryne passed away in 1983 from cancer.
Jim would like to hear from those who knew his father.

Bob Odom - Added 09/10/13.
at Korat September 1968 to September 1969, worked
on the computers and tape recorders on the 121's

Bill Ormond - Added 08/12/04, updated 05/21/06.
CICO from Sept. 67 to Sept. 68. Flew with Major Gatchel's crew
Now living in Annapolis, MD

Dan Orosz - Added 10/13/02.
Radio Maintenance Technician on first crew 39,
Nov. 67 to Nov. 68
Manassas, VA

Daniel L. Owen - Added 02/06/16, updated 12/23/16.
First assigned to Otis AFB, deployed to Korat in Oct. 1967
with the 553rd FMS Environmental Systems Shop
Left Korat in August of 1968. Continued service with the
USAF Reserves, retired in 1991 after Desert Storm
Now retired and living in Rochester, WA

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "P"

Edwin Pacheco - added 09/27/03, updated 09/06/09.
553rd FMS
21 Melody Lane
Hillsboro, NH 03244
(603) 464-2546
Follow Up - Ed Pacheco passed away 08/09/08

Bob Parmenter - Added 02/12/07.
Split my time between homes in Maple Valley, WA,
and Las Vegas, NV

Gerald H. "Jerry" Parshall - Added 05/27/03, updated 05/11/14.
Otis and Korat 1967-1968, A/C first crew 33 in 554th Recon Squadron,
553rd RW (Major) Operations Officer and Squadron Commander 554th Recon
Squadron (QU-22B's), at Nakhon Phanom 1971-1972 (Lt. Col.)
Retired as Colonel in January 1978
Follow Up - Gerald Parshall passed away 05/05/14.

John Peel - Added 04/17/04.
Instructor EMT from May 1970 to Dec. 31, 1970
Went to Davis Monthan after leaving Korat, saw
the Connies broken up

Jerry Peppenger - Added 4/11/00, updated 08/21/17.
Technical instructor for A/C radio at Kessler AFB when
volunterred for Batcat. RMT on crew 7, arrived Korat
Nov 1967, completed 92 missions. Commissioned in 1979,
retired as Captain in 1989
now resides at
8846 Kailua Pl
Diamondhead, MS
(228) 343-6221

Tom Pera - Added 09/06/09, updated 06/19/14.
Original crew 40 - Electronic Technician
Malcomb Rice and I were techs together on crew 40
Arrived at Korat on my 21st birthday Nov 6, 1967
and departed Nov 6, 1968.
9221 La Serena Dr
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Phone: (916) 961-1563
Cell Phone: (916) 849-0261

Russ Perry, and - Added 06/12/10.
one of the first five replacement CICOs in the Wing.
dubbed ourselves "The Filthy Five" while we were training at Otis
in the Spring of 1968. Korat from July 1968 to July 1969. I flew
96 combat missions. Currently Director of Pastoral Care at Creighton
University Medical Center in Omaha. I live in Papillion, Nebraska and
retired from the Air Force as a Lt. Col in 1990.

Bill J. Person - added 05/23/14, updated 11/28/17.
CICO Crew 41
Post Oak, Texas
Mail from Bowie, Texas, 20 miles away
Follow Up - Bill J. Person passed away 11/28/17.

David Pipher - Added 4/11/00, updated 06/01/09.
I was a Sgt. in the 553 Rec. Sqd. at Korat RTAFB from October,
1968 to September, 1969. I served as a RMT on Crew 14.
I currently am employed by Lockheed Martin Federal Systems in
Owego, NY. working on a Navy advanced helo system integration
(LAMPS). Oddly enough the LAMPS system uses sonobouys for sub
detection. Our group is the prime contractor for helo and ship

Gene Ponce - added 08/22/01, updated 10/17/16.
See Gene's American-Thai Locator site.
Korat RTAFB January 23, 70 - November 18, 70
Ubon RTAFB January 8, 1971 - January 21, 1972
EC-121R Propeller & R-3350 Engine Sections,
Engine Build-up & Mobile Engine Test Cell, 553rd FMS
Current Status:
Retired (Civilian & AF Reserves) & moved to Thailand
from Sacramento, California, on December 2000
Phra Samut Chedi, Samut Prakan, Thailand (20 mi. South of Bangkok)
close to the Gulf of Siam Inlet to the Chao Phraya River.

Elmer Pool - added 12/26/05, updated 03/01/08.
Aircraft commander second crew 2
Arrived at Korat Oct. 10, 1969, logged 698 combat hours in EC-121R
Also duty with Wing Command TOC Command Post, after departing
Korat duty with SAC, retired 1973 at Bergstrom AFB.
1002 East Applegate Drive
Austin, TX 78753-3906
(512) 836-3956

Jon D. Pries - Added 08/29/07.
Gobbler's Knob
612 Harman Rd.
Trout Run, PA 17771-8667

Terry Priestap - Added 06/25/13.
554th CIM June 9th 1969 - May 22nd 1970
AC Capt. Geoghan, 1st Oficer Lt. Kelly
Now living in Austin, Texas

Robert S. "Bob" Pruiksma - Added 4/11/00, Updated 08/28/13.
The 552nd OMS was my first duty station after tech school.
I was there from Jan 69 to Oct 69. I then went to Korat
with the 553rd OMS from Oct 69 to Jul of 70.
130 Victor Lane
Fayetteville, GA 30214.
Home phone (770) 460-8338
Cell phone (404) 788-3049

John Putnam - Added 03/16/08, updated 08/28/11.
I was with the 553rd Recon Sqdn from Jan '69 to Sep '69
CIM with crew 8 and crew 9. Also worked AEW radar repair
on the H models at Otis with the 551st EMS from Dec '66 to Dec '68
I extended my Air Force career 1 month to get the Korat
assignment but ended up with an early out as things wound down.
I have been working with Seagate Technology for the past 28 years.
152 3rd Street
Excelsior, MN 55331
(952) 474-0068

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "Q"

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "R"

Bernie Rattay - Added 06/07/09.
stationed at Korat August 1968 - August 1969
Housed in the 553rd Recon Barracks on the second floor
with the air crews. My duties were Life Support and Personal
Equipment Specialist.

Gilford G. Raymer - Added 09/06/09.
Crew Number Unknown
RMT, Later it was changet to ET (Electronic Tech)
Arrived Korat January 1970 Departed December 1970
Assigned to 2nd Airforce. Assigned to AFOSI for remainder
of USAF Career, Retired MSgt 1980
Various Positions with General Motors Corp(Corvette Devision)
Retired Genersl Motors 1992
Municipal Court Judge 1996-2000
Taught School 2000-2008
Retired 2008-Present

Orville T. "Ted" Red - Added 02/06/05.
Part of the first crew to leave Otis AFB, MA, for Korat Oct. 13, 67, became crew 1

Paul R. Redd - added 05/23/12, updated 04/08/15.
Field Maintenance Squadron Airframe repair
Follow Up - Paul R. Redd passed away 03/30/15.

John Reichenbach - added 11/16/10, updated 02/16/17.
CIM serving on the 2nd Crew 4, "Brown's Buzzards"
Nov. 68 through Oct. 69. My wife, Maryann, and I
currently live and plan to retire in Copperopolis, CA.
Best friends with Bill Klein who served in 553 EMS at
the same time. If anyone has contact info for Bill Klein
please contact me.

Harold Renninger - Added 04/11/00, updated 02/12/14.
I was a ACICO with L/Col Aldrige's crew from June 69
untill May 70.

Rick "Richard" Reynolds - Added 02/28/10.
Served Sept 68 to Oct 69. I was a wing intel briefing officer
first four months, served as CICO for crew 9 the balance of
my tour under Major Red Daley.
I live in North Texas.

Ed Richey - Added 12/12/03, updated 08/21/09.
I was a CIM at Korat from Oct. 1967 to late September 1968.
Flew on Major Leffers crew, Leffers' Lepers, crew 14.
Now lives in Lakewood, Colorado.

Les "Robbie" Robbins - Added 4/11/00, Updated 12/28/00.
Flew as CIM/ACICO and RO, 554th RS, Crew 16, 25, 40
(same crew, but crew numbers were changed/realigned),
Sep 68-Mar 69, and RO/IRO Crew 39, Mar 69-Apr 69, then
returned to Crew 40 as CIM/ACICO from the day before
Crew 39's crash until Jul 69. I was previously a
College Eye RO (964th AEW&C Sq, Maj Ted Lang's crew)
from Aug 67 to Feb 68.
6002 Winterhaven Dr
Windcrest, TX 78239

John Roberts (Sgt) - Added 04/26/11.
553rd OMS Oct. 1968 to Oct. 1969
Asst crew chief aircraft #474 (Booby Lou II)
Crew Chief aircraft #500
Went TDY to Utapao during runway repairs
Helped recover both aircraft crash sites
Now live in Windham, CT

James "Robbie" Robinson - added 06/11/05, updated 09/08/11.
Handler for the 553rd Reconniassance Wing mascot "Snoopy."
Alexandria, VA
Follow Up - James (Robbie) Robinson passed away 07/10/11.

William "Robby" Robinson - Added 12/08/11.
EWO on first crew 33. Flew 50% of the time with
Jerry Parshall and his crew, the remainder of my
101 missions with other crews. Retired Lt. Col.
2554 Etiwanda Dr.
Beavercreek, OH 45434
Phone (937) 426-9744

Danny L. "Dan" Rode Sr. - Added 04/06/17.
First USAF duty assignment the 552d AEW&C Wing, McClellan AFB, CA
OMS then moved to FMS as a Reciprocating Engine Mechanic
Then to the 553d. Several TDY's from Otis to Elgin AFB, FL (Dune Moon,
Force Four at Aux Field nine and to McCoy AFB, FL)
Returned to Norton AFB CA. Various assignments at LG Hanscom Field, MA,
Kirkland AFB, NM and Wright Patterson AFB, OH, I cross trained into Ground Safety
Retired from the USAF as an E6, in Sep 1982.
Now living in Lindenhurst, IL (just North of Chicago, next to the WI border).

Darrel Rook - added 08/01/07, updated 12/27/08.
Assigned to the 553rd in the fall of 1967 as CIM
Korat in November 67, Crew 2 with AC, Capt. Johnson
Extended and stayed until June 1969
Returned to Otis for a few months, then Sacramento, McClellan AFB
Remained as an instructor in the 553rd until discharged in April 1971
Retired from IBM Corporation and live in Marietta, Georgia
Follow Up - Darrel Rook passed away 10/29/08.
FAMILY REQUEST - Josh Alfred Fernandez
is the stepson of Batcat Darrel Rook, and would like to
hear from anyone who knew his stepfather.

Thomas Root - Added 03/18/09.
Korat, Thialand in 1968-1969 as CIM
Now living in Porter, Texas, about 25 miles
north of Houston. My wife and I have a
small buisness escorting oversize loads
throughout the lower 48 states
Phone (281) 217-6316.

Evan "Roxy" Roxburgh - Added 03/18/06.
Sgt. AF 11799156
554th Reconnaissance Squadron April 1969 to February 1970
108 Culloden Road
Stamford, CT 06902
I was a Buzzard Bay Bastard.

Mike Rubin - added 07/14/13, updated 10/31/14.
Fairchild enroute to Otis, TDY both to Dune Moon at Eglin & Panama for the
testing Summer 1967, Korat in 1st wave, originally on crew #37, later crew #40
of the 554th. Did back to back tours completing 148 combat missions and over 1500
hundred hours. Returned to Korat in Sept 71, attending PJSS enroute as part of the 553
which was now part of the 388th TFW. Flew a couple of missions in Sept. Oct & Nov of 71,
they were phasing us out & they put the names of the guys left in a hat & I was one of
the lucky ones to fly the last combat mission of the Batcats. It was Dec. 71, then to McCoy as
part of the 966th & later Det 2 of he 552, then went to 1st SOS at Kadena AB, Japan,
went to Tinker AFB and was in the 8th TDCS & from there to Macdill AFB in JCSE and
then back to Tinker where I retired from AWACS as MSGT after over 26 years. Believe that
I am the only one that was in the 551, 552, 553, 554 of the 553 & the 553 of the 388th
6322 Marlberry Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819
phone (407) 351-7018

Gary Russell - added 12/25/06, updated 02/11/12.
assigned to the 553rd FMS Airframe Repair Shop
(sheet metal shop) Nov.1969 to Jan 1971. I was
transferred to 388th FMS when the 553rd deactivated.
910 Highlands Dr
Spokane, Mo 65754
(417) 496-7902

Samual H. "Sam" Russell USAF Ret'd - Added 09/11/05.
Copilot on Maj. Olivers Crew 41, and Aircraft Commander,
Crew 29 (2nd)(Russells Recky Rogues). Korat Jan 69 to Jan 70
Retired and live on a tree farm in central Louisiana,
about 10 miles North of Alexandria/Pineville, LA (Old England AFB).
Phone (318) 640-8619

Steven K. Rust - Added 01/15/01, updated 10/11/17.
10989 Spring Mountain Drive
Farmington, AR 72730
I was in the 553rd Sq. from Sept 68-69
Started as as co-pilot on Maj. Elmer Poole's crew # 2
Later in the tour I was upgraded to Aircraft Commander

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "S"

Manny Sanchez Jr. - Added 09/15/13.
Security Police squadron at Korat 1968

Jose Santana - Added 06/13/04, updated 12/01/10.
CIM and RO for Crew 12, arrived Korat 9/68, departed 1969
Flew 76 missions, designed the Crew 12 patch (Ritter's Critters)
and built the 6ft model ED-121R in balsa and plywood that was placed
in the Flight Operations Office. Retired as MSgt. in 1975.
Honored to fly the AF Early Warning at McClellan 1962-1964, McCoy 1964-1965
Otis 1968, Korat 1968-1969.
Follow Up - Jose Santana passed away 11/19/10.

David Sasiela - Added 10/29/03.
CICO on Crew 8 (Bertram's Bengals)
September 1968 to August 1969
Now retired and living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Jim Satterwhite - Added 06/06/00, updated 12/15/13.
Deployed with the 553th from Otis AFB in Nov 67. I was
assigned to the 554 RS as a CIM from 11/67 - 11/68. I flew
with Maj. Arch Heckler. I returned to Otis and was assigend
to the 4753 ADS where I was a CIM Insturctor. I continued
flying as an Airborne Radio Operator until my retirement in
1990. I currently live in Roanoke, VA.

Ed Schieve - Added 10/17/10, updated 04/22/12.
Began tour with the 553rd EMS at Otis AFB, MA
TDY tour at Eglin AFB during the summer of 1967
At Korat RTAFB, Thailand, November 67 to November 69

Douglas "Doug Schmitty" Schmidt - Added 06/11/05, updated 11/04/15.
Korat Nov 67 - Nov 68, flew 103 missions with Swatec's Sooper Snoopers
Retired from U.S. Airways 2005
2937 S Atlantic Ave, APT 2005
Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118
(412) 606-7172

Bill Schmieding - Added 11/24/09.
554th crew 26 CIM
August 67-May 69 at Korat RTAFB
Hometown: Omaha, NE

Rich Schoeppner - Added 06/21/04.
I was assigned to the sheetmetal shop 1969-1970

Frank Seruga - Added 12/02/11.
CIM July '70-Jun '71
Foster City, CA
(650) 281-5399

Ray Sestak - Added 04/11/00, updated 03/30/14.
I was assigned to the 553rd, Crew 9 during 1970.
20 Halter Road
Glenmont, NY 12077
Home: 518-463-1029
Cell: 518-669-3358

Dave L. Shipton - Added 08/20/06, updated 08/23/13.
MSgt. retired, 554th Recon Squadron, October 1970, crew 22
Flight Engineer, went to 553 Recon Squadron when the wing deactivated
in December 1970. Assigned to Major Marcus M. Wilson's crew, then
to Major Kenneth W. Rehg's crew. Additional duty as First Sergeant to
squadron commander Lt. Col. Walter M. Givens. Previously at Korat from
May 1966 to April 1967 as a F-105 crew chief in the 388th TFW. With his
wife Marianne, they own a Medical Services and Medical Practice and
Management Company. They now reside at:
175 Old Fredonia Road
Mercer, PA 16137
Home (724) 662-4449
Work (724) 662-7879
Follow Up - Dave Shipton passed away 04/08/08.

Danny Shull - added 06/09/08, updated 01/06/15.
Served as a Batcat from APR 67 to APR 69.
Bob Bulen and I were the third and fourth enlisted
to fly 100 combat missions after Tom Hicks and Bob Levy.
I was part of Lefferts' Lepers crew 14.
I volunteered for an extra 6 month tour one day before
free leave was allowed for combat crews in Thailand.
P. O. Box 38
Coquille, OR 97423

Philip Sidney - Added 11/24/11.
USAF MSGT retired. TSGT Reciprocating Engine Technician 553rd FMS
Spent 1 1/2 yrs with Batcats, 6 mos at Otis AFB with TDY to Eglin AFB
Put on flying status and was crew member ferrying 3 aircraft to Korat
Worked Flightline Engine Maintenance for 4 months than acquired Engine
Mobil Test Stand and operated it for rest of tour
Currently FAA A&P with IA, Chief Mechanic USAF Academy Aero Club

Jack Sikora - Added 8/05/00, Updated 11/06/08.
CICO 553rd crew 2, October 1967 to September 1968.
Now a college professor in Connecticut.
Co-Author of the Batcats book with Larry Westin

James "Jim" Siler - Added 08/13/06, Updated 11/10/13.
Assigned to 553rd July, 1967. Deployed to Korat Nov. 1967 through Nov. 1968.
Was a SSgt. in the instrument shop, 553rd EMS. Played on the base
champion softball team. Now retired from Hicksville, Ohio high school
having taught 33 years and coached Baseball, Basketball and Football.
Umpired High School and College Baseball for 47 years and still at it.

Charles D. Silverstein - Added 6/27/00, updated 01/19/16.
Chuck was assigned to the 551st FMS Electric Shop in late June '63 and transferred to
the 553rd FMS Batcat Electric Shop in Feb. '67 during the development period.
Was Aircraft Electrician during two evaluation flights to Panama. Was one of two
Aircraft Electricians during first flight of nine Connies to depart Otis AFB for Korat
in October '67. Now living in Leonia, NJ.
Follow Up - Chuck Silverstein passed away 10/09/15.

William "Bill" Simon - Added 02/16/12.
CIM and Jumpmaster Crew 34, '68-'69

Stan Simpson - Added 06/27/13.
Korat from May 1969 to May 1970 in the FMS prop shop
retired at Cannon AFB in Jan 1991 as the Supply Squadron 1st Sgt
3229 Sheldon St.
Clovis, NM 88101
phone (575) 760-0187

James D. Skaggs (TSgt. Ret.) - Added 12/07/09, Updated 11/28/13.
I was a member of the Batcat Ritter's Critter's Crew.
I spent two more tours flying with the 552nd as a
Flight Engineer Instructor
921 Shawnee
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048
(913) 682-5359 (home)
Follow Up - Jim Skaggs passed away 11/28/13.

Joe Slattery - Added 11/11/03.
Served with the 553rd 9/69 to 9/70, 95 combat missions as CIM
on crew 15, known as Barwicks Buzzards.
5568 State Route 8
Chestertown, New York 12817
(518) 494-7786

Lee Smallsreed - Added 05/28/12.
Flew with the 553rd Sep 69 to Sep 70

Dave Smith - Added 3/03/02, updated 04/07/08.
Dave was a CIM with the 554th,
part of the second crew #29.
657 Treeside Dr
Stow, OH 44224

David Smith - added 08/19/07, updated 01/22/11.
Sgt David Smith
crew 8 Jan 69 to Jan 70.

Douglass W. Smith - Added 03/18/06.
Aircraft commander in the 553rd January 1969 to January 1970,
Replaced then Lt. Col. Kelly Burke in mid 1969 on TDY basis as
7/13th AF Liaison Officer to MACTHAI, the RTAF and the U.S.
Embassy until return to CONUS. After tours in the Canal Zone,
OSD-Pentagon, and as USAF Attache to Chile, retired in 1978.
Completed 24 years with aerospace companies and retired from
Boeing in 2001. Now reside at:
44 Audubon Lane,
Flagler Beach FL 32136

Jerry J. "JJ" Smith - added 09/12/04, updated 06/24/09.
Lt. Col., USAF, Retired
554 RCS, Crew 34
October 1967 - October 1968
Follow Up - J. J. Smith passed away 06/23/09.

Mulford H. "Hank" Smith and - added 03/22/09, updated 01/03/18.
In first group arriving at Otis in Feb / March 1967
CIM on Crew 40-1 flying 71 combat missions
Returned to Otis AFB fall of 1968, and was a
Radio Operator on EC-121-H models until January 1970
Returned to college. Employed by the FDIC, Washington, DC
from 1972 until retirement 2001. Would enjoy hearing from
fellow crew members and other Batcats.
Reside in Culpeper, VA with wife and 4 dogs.

Randy Spencer - Added 4/11/00, Updated 12/01/08.
Korat from July 1969 to July 1970
Crew 26, "Almonds Nuts"
CIM upgraded to ACICO
104 Missions
Follow Up - Randy Spencer passed away 11/19/08.

Roy J. Spencer, Jr - added 07/31/07, updated 09/26/14.
Copilot with Major Chamberlain's crew
Aircraft #3 during the initial deployment in October 1967

John M. Squires - Added 06/25/12.
CICO at Korat October 1969 - July 1970
1411 Bay Hill Dr
Austin, TX 78746

Bill Stanford - Added 10/22/17.
Co-Pilot on Lt Col Hap Reed's crew, 554th Recon Squadron
Arrived in country Nov 1967 to Nov 1968
Spent a year at Loring on the KC-135
Spent two and a half years from May 1970 to Nov 72
on Okinawa flying the RC-135. Then flew for Eastern Airlines
from Feb 1973 off and on till Aug 1980
4004 Bandera Dr
Plano, Texas 75074

Andy Staunton - Added 12/30/09.
Korat November 1967 - October 1968
flew 85 missions with Major Gatchel's crew
Now lives in connecticut

Thomas P. Stear - Added 07/18/12.
553rd RS CIM on Crew 02-2 (Maj. Elmer Pool AC)
Korat, Thailand Nov. 1968 to Oct. 1969
Retired and Living at
14748 Spyglass St.
Orlando, FL 32826
Home phone (407) 282-4750
Cell phone (407) 451-7007

John Stein - Added 11/26/09.
553rd EMS - worked in the Radio Shop 1967-68
1206 Lost Nation Rd.
Dixon, IL 61021
PH: 815-284-7167

Charles Stemmann - Added 03/17/17.
553rd OMS, assigned to the 553rd September 1968
Crew Chief EC-121R 67-21500 Sept 1968 - Sept 1969
now living in Copperhill, TN 37317

Thomas F. "Steve" Stevens Jr. - Added 09/15/12.
Pilot at Korat April 69 to April 70
Home: Amory, MS

Robert E. Stirnitzke, Lt. Col. Retired - Added 10/26/03, Updated 03/01/12.
EWO on crew 8 July 1968 to July 1969,
11622 Lenher Schwerin Trail
Tucson, Arizona 85749
(520) 749-3233

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "T"

Gordon Tatro - Added 11/04/01, Updated 10/23/05.
With the 551th OMS 1968-1969, then with the
553rd OMS at Korat 1969-1970.
Retired from USAF as MSgt. after 23 years.
PO Box 123
Leeds, MA 01053
Work phone (413) 584-4040 extension 2205

Alvin Teel - Added 01/01/10.
CIM with Crew 29 from May 69 to Oct 70
completed 76 combat missions, more than 800 combat hours

Tom Thomison - Added 01/17/12, updated 02/23/12.
Korat from Oct 67 to June 69. Assigned to the
command post along with flying on different crews
On duty in the CP when we lost the first aircraft
and when the Navy's WV2 was shot down by the North Koreans
Retired in 1986 and now work for the USDA Forest Service

Troy Tigner - no email - Added 10/17/10.
Flight Engineer 1967 - 1968
Home Address
3938 Row 20 NE
Soap Lake, WA 98851
(509) 237-1645

Cornelius "Neal" Tilghman - no email - Added 08/14/10.
Navigator, third crew 7, 1969-1970
Would enjoy hearing from other Batcats
please contact at:
11 Kings Hwy
Dover, Delaware
(302) 734-3366

Ted Tower - Added 07/07/05, updated 06/29/12.
I was 553rd OMS Korat,RTAFB in 1967-68,with a short TDY to NKP,
returned to Korat in 1969 for a two month TDY.
2291 Spring Valley Dr.
Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

Herbert "CT" Townsend - Added 03/21/10, updated 06/27/12.
A radio operator assigned to Otis AFB in April 1967 training as a CIM,
first wave to Korat RTAFB in Oct 67. Oct 1968 returned to Otis AFB
as an airborne radio Operator on the radar Connies. Sent to Udorn
RTAFB in Nov 1969 to 7abccc as a radio operator on C-130's.
83 Sentry Way
Merrimack, NH 03054

Vinny Trovato - added 11/14/07, updated 01/03/09.
I was with the advanced party that left Otis AFB October 67
for Korat, assigned to the 553 FMS as an recip engine mechanic.
Was stationed at Korat until October 68.
Now living in Virginia Beach after relocating from NY
Follow Up - Vinny Trovato passed away 12/23/08.

Walter Troy - Added 04/11/00, updated 12/16/07.
I was stationed with the 553rd Recon Wing, 554th Squadron,
Crew 32. At Korat from about Sep 68 through Sep 69 Timeframe.
975 Banks Lane
Newport News, VA 23608

Ron Turman - added 08/19/07, updated 11/14/10.
Flew on second crew 2 with Elmer Pool,
Steve Rust, Jack Sikora. From 68-69.
1025 N Gary Pl.
Tulsa, Okla 74110
(918) 398-6989

Kenneth M. Tyler - added 11/17/13, updated 08/20/14.
Flight engineer with the 554th Recon Squadron
April 1970 to December 1970
Follow Up - Kenneth M. Tyler passed away February 2002
FAMILY REQUEST - He is survived by his son Jeff Tyler who would like
to hear from anyone who knew his father and

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "U"

John E. Urban - Added 05/14/07.
CIM and ACICO Crew 5, 1969-1970
16943 W. Villagio Dr.
Surprise, AZ

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "V"

Gerald Van Boxtel - Added 11/19/03,updated 06/11/05.
Flight engineer on crew 29 Oct 1968 - Oct 1969,
Crew name was "Leo's Lings," aircraft commander
was Lt. Col. Leopold J. Magers

Francis "Frank" Ventimiglia - Added 10/26/09.
553 Recon Squadron, Crew 8 RMT, Aug 1969 to Jun 1970
1621 SW 23rd Avenue
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312 4008

Eddie J. Vickers - added 06/27/00, updated 03/10/12.
Was ACICO/Standardization & Evaluation, 554th Recon
Sqdn from Aug 69 to July 70. Assigned to crew #31, known as
"Steens Studs," Major Steen was our Acft Commander.
Retired MSgt. (Am survivor of 6 Sep 69 crash at Korat)
Flew 101 missions
Eddie & Erin Vickers
26816 Shoregrass Drive
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 390-4103

Greg Vincent - Added 02/16/09.
553rd EMS 1970, cryptography shop

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "W"

Bob Walker - Added 06/13/04.
553rd May 1970, 554th RS, Crew 33, 553rd RS Dec. 1970 when the
wing was deactivated and the 553rd became part of the 388th TFW.
Flew 93 missions, retired Feb. 1973.
Now living at
16802 Fort Oswego
San Antonio, TX 78247

Michael W. Walker - Added 08/08/01, Updated 10/29/03.
CIM - Combat Information Monitor, Rank E-4
553rd Recon Squadron - 1970
Flew on 75 missions.
Current Address:
100 Ramsey Dr
Pell City, Al 35125
(205) 338-7436

Tom Walker - Added 04/17/04.
Instrument repair with the 553rd, transferred to the 388th when the
553rd was disbanded, last qualified C-121 instrument man at Korat.
5845 Houston Lane
Crestview, Florida 32539

Dale Waller - Added 01/01/01, updated 08/22/12.
I arrived at Otis from Keesler in early
summmer 1967, then rotated to Korat in
October. Was on crew 21, I think. Flew
with Major Gatchell as AC, a fine man;
also on Lt Col Green's crew. Completed
97 missions. Went from Korat to Taipei
Air Station, then to Grand Forks, ND.
Now at
4134 Marshfield Dr,
Evansville, IN 47711
My wife is Stephanie,
(812) 479-7603

Charles W. Walter - Added 4/11/00, updated 06/11/05.
Lt. Col. Retired Charles "Chuck" Walter, originally on crew 38 with
A/C Lt. Col. Homer Stewart; then Stan-Eval navigator on crew 31,
"Steens Studs," with A/C Major Steen in 1970 until May 1970 departure.
At Korat May 69 - May 70.
3201 Storrington Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32309

James F. Weatherspoon NO email, postal or phone contact only - Added 03/04/11.
CIM at Korat 1967-1968
1203 Moscow Ave
Hickman, KY 2050
Phone (270) 236-7918
Cell (270) 627-6101

Dave Wechsler - Added 01/14/07.
CIM and Jumpmaster for Crew # 37 with the 554 RS
Lt Col Reardon ( I Believe ) was the AC
Flew with Col Heller in training at Otisb
Korat and U-Tapao from 10/68-10/69
Now living in Las Vegas, NV

Ken Weeks - Added 12/30/00.
Ken a was buck Sgt. and served 15 months
with a duty extension going over to Korat
around spring 1969 returning early fall
1970. Assigned in the 553rd squadron. Ken
initially flew with an aircraft commander
named Max who wore a great reddish
mustache, and he recalls a Nav named
French who was cool.

Richard Weiner - added 05/30/04, updated 12/03/15.
Korat Nov 67 thru Jun 69, crew 39 with A/C Arch Heckler and
Emerson Heller. Was pulled from the fateful April 25, 1969
flight just before takeoff to help with an I/G inspection.
Currently living in Sequoia National Forest, CA.
Follow Up - Richard Weiner passed away 11/30/15.

William "Pete" Werner - Added 10/21/07.
Assigned to crew 40, 554th Reconaissance Squadron
Crewmember survivor onboard the Sept. 6, 1969 crash

Larry Westin - Added 04/11/00, updated 02/12/14.
Assigned to Major Oliver's crew 41, 554th RS, at Korat
from Nov 68 to Sept 69. Recently moved back to California
from Maine to be nearer our grand children.
21721 Verde St.
Tehachapi, California 93561
(661) 823-4707
Webmaster of this Batcat homepage, Co-Author of the Batcats book with Jack Sikora

Rick Whelan - Added 01/21/13.
CICO on Major Flory's crew 1968
414 Alford Lake Road
Hope, ME 04847
(207) 592-8518

Stu Whipple - Added 08/6/03.
Sgt. C. Stuart Whipple
Crew 7 "Ahner's Pride," April 1969 to May 1970
CIM, Squadron Operations and Wing Intelligence
No permanent address - - full time RV'er working
Seasonally as a Ranger at National Parks

Athal Williams - Added 08/15/05.
CIM, NCOCI of the 553 Sq. Ops, then ACICO
After Batcat became a KC-135E Boom Operator,
Retired after 24 years in the USAF
After the USAF became a Customs Inspector,
retiring as a Senior Inspector

J. Grover Wilson - Added 09/25/05, updated 08/29/15.
553rd Crew 7 Co-Pilot with LTC Ahner, 69-70 Korat RTAFB, flew 80 missions
after the EC-121R flew T-33s, F-102, F106, T-39, went back for 2nd tour to
Udorn RTAFB as instructor and AC in the RF-4C. Retired from the USAF
reserves in 1993 as LTC but appointed to Col.
Home address is:
1416 Spring Pass Way
Knoxville, TN 37919
Cell phone (865) 250-1635

Robert Winegar - Added 09/06/09.
Part of first crew to Korat from Otis. Flight engineer
Retired with 21 yrs. in '69. Prior to 553rd, was flight
engineer on B-29, KC-97, and C-141, at Bergstrom, Lake Charles,
Selfridge, Vandenberg, and Charleston.
Now living in SC
Phone: (803) 732-3842

John Wright - Added 05/07/09.
Crew 27-2, Dec.68 thru Sept.69
Phone # 360-432-3106
Cell # 360-481-6343

Mike Wright - Added 03/17/02.
554 Batcat CREW #36

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "X"

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "Y"

Mike Yates - Added 4/11/00, updated 11/03/07.
I was at Korat May 1969 to May 1970 and was a CIM in the
553rd Sq.

Robert Young - Added 03/30/02.
553rd OMS at Korat from Nov. 68 - Nov. 69
33 Lee St.
East Longmeadow, MA 01028-3132

Individuals Last name begins with the letter "Z"

William R. Zaleski - Added 06/13/04.
553rd from Jan 1969 - Nov 1969, CIM and member of crew 39
with Emerson Heller. Taken off flight status three days before the
accident for wrist surgery. Currently avionics technician and flight
1 Holly South
Scotia, NY 12302
(518) 388-8563

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